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Wind Down Wednesday – Writing to Music

Posted on: May 9, 2012


Hello all. As you know I use a lot of music to get me going while I write. Most of the time, it provides great inspiration for my characters as well as certain scenes they’re involved in.

Anyone that knows me personally is aware of how much I love music and of some of the bands I liked. In previous posts, I’ve mentioned Duran Duran and Depeche Mode, which are huge influences in what I like to write.  Also some soft music, like Sade for writing a love scene.

However, what about the music that sets a different kind of mood? The kind that means there’s action in the story, a high speed chase or a tense scene that may end up with your characters in an erotic romp?

For these, I’ve got a variety of what I prefer. Nine Inch Nails is pretty popular when the moment between main characters is a little less than pretty. The hard edge song, Closer I use a lot because it invokes a raw and rough emotion. The pen flows a little more when hearing the lyrics.


What about just normal activity in the book? Well, it can be many choices, mostly upbeat dance tunes maybe even some alternative rock. For my story, Living in the Now I listened to Sade, of course, as well as some Beyonce’, Christina Aguilera, and other artists where it’s sung by or about a woman in charge.


For my book Sugar Daddy, I chose some Duran Duran, Depeche,  as well as modern day hip-hop music because the story features a young gay man looking for the love of an older one.

Jay Z and a couple others, provided the backdrop for my character Matthew Davidson and his good friend, Devon Peartley. Both men are in their early twenties, so it put me in the frame of mind to think like one.

I have a wide selection of songs on my Mp3, mostly because I have a variety to what I listen to, but at times, I may seek out music by certain artists because they fit the character I’m writing.

Hope you enjoyed my post.  Over the weekend, I’ll give you a taste of the new parts of Sugar Daddy.



4 Responses to "Wind Down Wednesday – Writing to Music"

For me I need my music at all times. I hate to write in quiet even though sometimes I have to. My 160 GB IPod is filled fully with music and I’ve got special playlist for certain scenes and such to get more inspired.

Agreed! I usually put the headphones on and lose myself in the music. *sigh* Thanks for the comment!

You are welcome. I tend to blast my music and just get lost in it.

You are welcome..There is nothing better than music to get inspired..

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