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Monday Morning Reads

Posted on: May 7, 2012

  Woohoo! We’re back to the Monday Morning Reads again. 

I don’t know which one of us did it last so I’m taking this week and we’ll make the rounds.

I saw this pic and immediately I saw a story. It reminds me of my One Night in Paradise short I just finished but this one is even more romantic.

* * * *

High waves splashed over us as we lay on the beach in each others arms. Bran gazed at me through his gorgeous emerald eyes while lightly stroking my face. I returned his affections, cradling him as if he were my long lost lover. Perhaps he was. He’d been my ex girlfriend’s other man for about a year. She cheated on me with him but little did she know he seemed to have the hots for me. 

Stupid girl


“I only wanted to get closer to you.” 

“I know.” I responded by kissing his lips and tracing them with my tongue before forcing it inside his hot mouth. “Want you now.”

“Need you now, Tay…”  He sounded as if he were out of breath.

I watched his chest rise and fall slowly while tangling the small curls of fine hair between my fingers. “Need you too, Bran. Don’t care who’s watchin’.”

His lips formed a sweet small that caused my heart to flutter. Damn why does this man make me feel like a teen on prom. “I’ve never cared, Tay. Let ’em watch, maybe they’ll learned somethin’.”

With that, I moved on top of him and spread his legs apart with my knees. I placed my hands on either side of his head and hovered over him, driving my crotch into his. “God, I’ve never wanted someone so badly until now!”

“Me neither, Tay. Make me forget my damn name.”

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