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Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt

Posted on: April 16, 2012

   Good evening! Time for another picture prompt for Tuesday Tales.

With Cruz and Pete waiting on their story, its time for a new challenge. This isn’t hard to write, four good looking cowboys? How can you go wrong.

* * * *

“Damn!” Lydia licked her lips and ogled the four hot men sent to greet her. “This will be a lot harder of a job than I thought. Dan didn’t tell me these critters was gonna be hot as shit!” Still salivating, she shifted the car in park and turned off the ignition. The tallest one who her boss described as Jed, opened the car door slowly and flashed a wicked smile in her direction.

“Much oblige, Miss Carrie. Nice to see ya’ this fine mornin’.” Jed extended his hand inside her Ford Bronco.

“Same here, um, Jed right?” Lydia attempted not to stumble over her words, drooling at the hot quadruple in front of her. What did they say about good things coming in fours?

“You got it ma’am.” He bit his lip and looked her up and down as she got out the driver’s seat. “Lookin’ forward to workin’ with ya.”

“Me too, and ya wanna introduce me to the gang over here?” Sure Jed was tasty but there were three others that looked just as delectable. Lydia had to know who she would try hopping in bed with first.

“Sure, this one to my left is Tony.” Jed pointed and took her bag out of her hand.

The brunette nodded and placed a piece of straw between his teeth.

Mhmm, I like a man who knows how to use his mouth for somethin’ other than yappin!

“Bret’s the blond.”

He only nodded and removed his hat for her. Blond and blue eyed ain’t my thing but for him I’d make the exception.

“And on the left is Courtney.”

The shortest man with freckles, smiled in her direction.

What a nice name for a redhead. Never had the pleasure of a ginger haired man in my bed.

Lydia sauntered up to them and shook all their hands. This was going to be the hardest job yet. How the hell would she keep focus on the investigation with these four hotties standing in the way.

Somehow, I’ll make the best of it!

I feel a story here…

Hope you enjoy!


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8 Responses to "Tuesday Tales – Picture Prompt"

Definitely a story in the making.

I’m sure she’ll make the best of her situation:)

Yes, I see a story here, too. And a hot one. Well done. Love the way she sizes them all up, making room for each in her bed…life. lol. Looking forward to more on this one.

Oh what potential for a longer tale! Love it – nice sexy start to the day and now I’m imagining all kinds of things with those four hot cowboys!

Great story – nice hot start to the day and I’m left to imagine all kinds of things with four sexy cowboys!

Oh, more, pretty please…

Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun job, lol! Definitely has the potential for more. Will there be more?😉

Most definitely a HOT SWEATY story in the makings here

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