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Flash Fiction Friday

Posted on: April 13, 2012


Welcome to another FFF. Here is my take for this week!

“Damn baby you know how to work the camera!” Damon licked his lips and gave his cock a tug while holding onto the camera. “You’re so damn hot, girl!”

“Am I…really?” Her brown eyes lit up in surprise. She’d never been given so many compliments.  Who better than world famous photographer, Damon Jacks. “Thank you!” She tousled her hair over her shoulders.

“You’re welcome. I can’t believe that boyfriend trying to convince you to have liposuction. Didn’t he know big and beautiful women are in?”

“Not according to him, especially when I caught him with his ex in our bed!”

* * * *

That wasn’t what I expected but hey that’s how it goes.

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13 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday"

Silly ex. She’s gorgeous! Great Flasher

Ooh, do I sense it might be time for her to be satisfied? Very nicely done.

What an asshole. Cheating on her when she’s so beautiful. His mistake. Great flasher.

Great flash, and I agree with Bonni, what an asshole. She is a beautiful woman. What is wrong with people. *sigh* I love the camera man, I hope they hook up in the future. He seems to appreciate her true beauty.

Dump the boyfriend and jump the photographer! GREAT JOB!!

boyfriend is a dumb ass, she’s moving on to better things…like Damon,
he sounds smart and hot

Yep, BBW’s were Adonis’ favorite and becoming quite popular now sine Aphrodite is on her way here to straighten thins out. Lovely post! Loved:) xo

Nice post. Her ex is an idiot!! Wonderful FFF.

I think it’s time she put the ex out of her mind for good! I bet the photographer is a good start.

Fabulous Flasher. Her ex sounds like an idiot.

I don’t think she had been properly appreciated in a long while. But she might be very soon. Lucky girl. I really enjoyed you flashing me, lol, do it again anytime. *smile*

All it takes is one man to show you…the right man…to make you realize that sexy is just you…no props…no changes…just you!

That was awesome. I know how she feels being a BBW myself. I still find it hard to believe that any man would find me “hot” after years of being told the opposite. This was great and you really got into the head of an unappreciated BBW. Dump the dumbass and like Katie said…jump that photographer girl.

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