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Tuesday Tales – More of Cruz and Peter FLASHBACK

Posted on: April 2, 2012

  Good evening! Here is more of my Tuesday Tales with my hot May December couple Cruz and Peter. It’s a flashback. They really want their story soon!

Prompt is chest

You’re a fool, Peter. What makes you think he’d give you the time of day?


Peter stared at the young man’s chest, fully tanned, his perky nipples looked so good he wished he could ask for a taste. Tall, about his own height, his brown curls only slightly touched his broad, muscular shoulders. Captivated by this beautiful man he stood still, not able to move. His mouth gaped open as he watched the owner of the surfer boy named Cruz stroll on the sandy beach, talking with another man.


“Perhaps I could just walk over and excuse myself, then say hi?” Peter couldn’t decide what he wanted to do. Should he stand here and go introduce himself or wait for him to be done with his conversation? The young man met his gaze and flashed him a wry smile. He nodded in his direction. Embarrassed, Peter returned the gesture and looked away quickly. “I’m a bigger fool than I thought! He’d never want an old man like me?”  Besides, this wasn’t just your everyday guy in Manhattan that Pete had come across every single stinking day. From what he’d been told, this is the town hunk, the Hawaiian heartthrob, Cruz Aoki, former surfing champion, gift to the ladies and men as rumor would have it. And why the hell Peter thought this man might want anything to do with him was such a pipe dream. “Jesus, Peter. You’re supposed to be proposing business to him, you’re supposed…”


Peter jumped and shifted quickly, only for his eyes to meet those gorgeous hazels belonging to the gorgeous man. “Peter?” What a voice! Sounds like he should be a singer.


“Um, yeah, hi. Uh, you were busy so.” Stumbling over his words, he shrugged and took Cruz’s outstretched hand. Too bad his own felt so clammy compared to the warm and slightly calloused palm he’d just taken a hold to. Peter struggled to let go. Why did he suddenly feel like the girl who hadn’t been kissed?


“Ah, no worries, Peter. He’s only a former surfing partner. Besides, I’d drop everything to make time for you.”

* * * *

Hope you enjoyed. Please go visit the rest of the Tuesday tale peeps!


10 Responses to "Tuesday Tales – More of Cruz and Peter FLASHBACK"

Love the build up here. Great snippet. I can’t wait to read more about Peter

TY Dakota. I love my Peter and Cruz. They have so much story coming!

Love living inside Peter’s head and feeling his insecurity, unnecessary but so human. Love your writing.

TY Jean. I’ll have to shelve them soon so I can write their book for the IRM antho. 😀

Did I leave my comment in the wrong place? I’m enjoying this story and looking forward to them making a commitment.

Nope you didnt thanks for the double comment. lol ❤

Love how you did the introduction of the two men.

Once I got past the pic I really like the post … esp ” Besides, I’d drop everything to make time for you” …. 😉

LOL The pic is gorgeous right? Ty for the comment

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