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  Wow, just got great news about my book! Sales are great and I’m top selling author at NNP! WOW, I am floored! Makes me pretty excited about doing the next MMF book. I have a few on the docket but one is in the revise edit stage! Maybe someone likes my MMF! I hope that my next MM is just as successful!

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A story about three people searching for love in the most unconventional way. Bryan Finley and his partner Damien Earley would like a third in their relationship. While Damien is on a business trip, Bryan meets Mara Devine a sultry sexy vixen who’s insatiable and wants the same. Damien has other thoughts in mind but Mara does everything in her power to turn the tables in her favor.


Angie looked at Mara who immediately drew the attention of the nice looking gentleman. “Um, Mara, this is Bryan. He just stepped in from work, needing a drink. Bryan, my friend and coworker, Mara.” Angie waived her hand.

“Hello.” He smiled sweetly and extended his palm for Mara to shake it.

Immediately she accepted, grinning at him, enjoying the sight in front of her. The feel of his hands, so soft and warm. Obviously a white-collar worker. Scents of her favorite man’s cologne infiltrated her nostrils causing her pulse to quicken. She loved to lick it off him if she had the chance.

“Hi, looks like you came in just in time to get one drink. Pity.” She cocked an eyebrow and drew up her ruby red lips into a pucker. Their gaze wasn’t broken.

He hadn’t let her hand go yet. Bryan drew up his lips. “Yeah, I guess I’ll have to drink elsewhere, hmm?”

Angie began cleaning.

Mara moved in a little closer to the bar, still staring at Mr. Hottie.

My luck just got better.

“Well, we were just about to go to another place. Do you wanna to join us?”

Bryan finished the rest of his drink and sat the glass down.  Seductively, he licked his lips making Mara salivate. She wished they were on top of hers right now.

“Sure, where you headed?”

Mara batted her eyes and leaned in closer making sure he could get a good look at her best assets. “To a place near Roosevelt called Mystique. They’re having a Fuck Valentine’s Day dance party.”

Bryan chuckled heartily, obviously amused by the reference.  “Sounds like a great time. Tell me, does the name mean you’re guaranteed a fuck today or does it call for somethin’ else?”

Mara couldn’t help but be excited by his response. “Well, I believe the answer is the latter but if you play your cards right, it may just be lucky for both you and me.” Mara’s gaze remained affixed to his dark brown orbs. In that small moment, she studied his features. Bryan was so damn hot; perfect dimples, and smooth, porcelain white skin she love to have entangled in her red satin sheets around her coffee colored body. How could a man this good looking be alone tonight?

Angie guffawed while she mopped the floor.

“Is that so,” he raised an eyebrow. “In that case, I’m game. Are you girls drivin’ over there?”

Mara felt herself creaming in response to the hot stranger. “Nope, we’re gonna take a cab since we thought we might be havin’ more than a few more drinks. Are you?”

Bryan shifted in the chair, “No, I walked over here. I work at the Water Tower for a consultants firm. I just left and decided to leave my car so I could enjoy a few libations. Mind if I tag along with you two in the taxi?”

She nodded and winked, wishing it was only the two of them at this moment but she couldn’t abandon her best friend. “Not at all. If you try anything funny, we can take you. Would you like another one before we hit the road?”

The corners of Bryan’s mouth turned up into a smile. “Maybe just water will do Mara…and your last name?” He held out his hand once more.

“Devine, Mara Devine.” Again, she took his hand firmly. The feel of his skin against hers sent electric shocks to every part of her body.

“Such a perfect name for a very attractive lady. If you’re interested my last name is Finley.”

Oh yes, I’m interested.

Bryan pulled her closer and whispered, “You look lovely tonight, Mara. I’m gonna have a hard time behaving myself and being a gentleman.”

“Then don’t, Bryan. I enjoy a little harmless playing, especially if it leads into somethin’ else.” Mara mouthed into his ear and exaggerated the end of the sentence for affect. She didn’t care that they’d just met. Mara wanted him in the worst way. She sniffed his aroma again and became intoxicated, wishing they were anywhere but here.

Bryan flinched and grinned. “Oh yeah, you’re my kind of lady, Mara. You can take the flirts and dish ‘em out.”


  Good evening! Been gone pretty much the whole week, between working, vacationing and finishing up a short, I haven’t said much but I couldn’t let today go without saying happy birthday to my fave drummer. 

The man, Roger Taylor from Duran Duran has been my muse a couple of times. He’s my fave Duran, looking great at 52, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. 

Have a happy birthday baby! I’ll always love ya and I’ll keep dreaming and writig with you on my brain!

   Greetings readers. Today I’m posting as Sharita just to say I’m taking a much needed break. After going pretty much nonstop with writing new material and fulfilling deadlines, I need to go back and edit and finish old stories I’d like to get out there.

So, that being said, I won;t be around all that much. I’ll be spending a lot of time away from FB because I want to and concentrate on edits and revisions. I will still blog though, which now is pretty much when I want. I’ve been keeping the schedule for the most part and that will continue but after this weekend, no new stories for me. The old muses need stroking, finishing, revising etc before I can move on to more new stories.

I’ll be promoing a little as well but even that will be at the minimum. 

Wish me luck as I try to get 7 stories done and edited before May 24th since that’s when my break ends! LOL then I have 2 more deadlines set. One for June 22nd and another just up in the air for Rawiya’s Sugar Daddy. 

   Good evening! Time for another picture prompt for Tuesday Tales.

With Cruz and Pete waiting on their story, its time for a new challenge. This isn’t hard to write, four good looking cowboys? How can you go wrong.

* * * *

“Damn!” Lydia licked her lips and ogled the four hot men sent to greet her. “This will be a lot harder of a job than I thought. Dan didn’t tell me these critters was gonna be hot as shit!” Still salivating, she shifted the car in park and turned off the ignition. The tallest one who her boss described as Jed, opened the car door slowly and flashed a wicked smile in her direction.

“Much oblige, Miss Carrie. Nice to see ya’ this fine mornin’.” Jed extended his hand inside her Ford Bronco.

“Same here, um, Jed right?” Lydia attempted not to stumble over her words, drooling at the hot quadruple in front of her. What did they say about good things coming in fours?

“You got it ma’am.” He bit his lip and looked her up and down as she got out the driver’s seat. “Lookin’ forward to workin’ with ya.”

“Me too, and ya wanna introduce me to the gang over here?” Sure Jed was tasty but there were three others that looked just as delectable. Lydia had to know who she would try hopping in bed with first.

“Sure, this one to my left is Tony.” Jed pointed and took her bag out of her hand.

The brunette nodded and placed a piece of straw between his teeth.

Mhmm, I like a man who knows how to use his mouth for somethin’ other than yappin!

“Bret’s the blond.”

He only nodded and removed his hat for her. Blond and blue eyed ain’t my thing but for him I’d make the exception.

“And on the left is Courtney.”

The shortest man with freckles, smiled in her direction.

What a nice name for a redhead. Never had the pleasure of a ginger haired man in my bed.

Lydia sauntered up to them and shook all their hands. This was going to be the hardest job yet. How the hell would she keep focus on the investigation with these four hotties standing in the way.

Somehow, I’ll make the best of it!

I feel a story here…

Hope you enjoy!


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   Good morning! I was pleasantly surprised to see my MMF get a ISlver Star at All Romance. I really do love this story and hope to be writing a lot more MMF in the future. 

If you haven’t checked it out, please do! Here is the blurb and a new excerpt

A story about three people searching for love in the most unconventional way. Bryan Finley and his partner Damien Earley would like a third in their relationship. While Damien is on a business trip, Bryan meets Mara Devine a sultry sexy vixen who’s insatiable and wants the same. Damien has other thoughts in mind but Mara does everything in her power to turn the tables in her favor. 

The following day, Mara took the initiative to call Bryan. Although she didn’t normally call a man first, this instance was different. Bryan was someone she had the ‘hots’ for and couldn’t wait to know more about.

He had called Sunday from work, asking to come by her place for a nice conversation over dinner and libations. Of course she said yes.

However, she thought a little dirty talk would get him thinking about what was to come; some tempting to get him where she wanted him to be – between her sheets.

Sitting at her desk, she dialed Bryan’s number on her cell. “Hiya…”

“Well hello, lovely. How’s your day goin’ so far?”

She grinned and batted her eyelashes. Mara imagined nuzzling his neck and smelling her favorite cologne. “Good. I can’t wait to see you tonight, Bryan. I been thinkin’ about you ever since you left.”

“Me too, babe. I promised I’d make it up to you tonight and I’m not reneging on that.”

She squirmed in the chair to relieve the pressure building between her legs. Her thoughts had drifted to the dances they shared at her apartment and the club. Leaning on his chest, taking in his ardor. Feeling his hardened muscle on her thighs. God, he’s so hot! His hair, those beautiful eyes…


His deep voice jarred her from the naughty thoughts. “I’m sorry, Bryan. I did mention I was thinking about you.” She twirled her curls around her fingers.

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you around eight, tonight? Do you need anything?”

Just you in my bed. She smiled to herself. “No, just bring yourself and don’t be so tense tonight, okay?”

“Okay, babe. See you then.”

They exchanged goodbyes and hung up.

Mara sat and stared at the display screen, thinking of the conversation with her desired. Bryan sounded tense on the phone. What could be the reason? Is he holding something back? Whatever it was, she’d find out tonight and try to turn it into a positive for her. And him.

As the evening approached, Mara prepared her apartment for a lengthy visit with Bryan. A light dinner of roasted chicken, vegetables and scalloped potatoes as well as the best bottle of Chianti she had in her wine freezer.

Mara’s mid-length black dress displayed ample cleavage, highlighting her supple curves and she hoped proved she was more than interested in getting him into bed. Her best black satin sheets draped her bed, along with scented candles and soft music throughout the room to create a romantic mood.

Any issues he had would be worked out later. Mara had every intention on making Bryan Finley hers.

Once they finished eating, they headed to the living room, glasses in hand to finish the wine. During the meal, he seemed very talkative and not nervous at all. Now though, he’d reverted back to being quiet again. Time to loosen him up.




Welcome to another FFF. Here is my take for this week!

“Damn baby you know how to work the camera!” Damon licked his lips and gave his cock a tug while holding onto the camera. “You’re so damn hot, girl!”

“Am I…really?” Her brown eyes lit up in surprise. She’d never been given so many compliments.  Who better than world famous photographer, Damon Jacks. “Thank you!” She tousled her hair over her shoulders.

“You’re welcome. I can’t believe that boyfriend trying to convince you to have liposuction. Didn’t he know big and beautiful women are in?”

“Not according to him, especially when I caught him with his ex in our bed!”

* * * *

That wasn’t what I expected but hey that’s how it goes.

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