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Tuesday Tales – Continuation of Pete and Cruz

Posted on: March 26, 2012

   Good evening! Here is more of Pete and Cruz.

Thanks to everyone who has followed them! They have so much story to tell but I’m not ready to indulge them. *sigh*

Today’s prompt is night

Bright stars filled the night sky, the subtle waves of the ocean moved slowly. The gentle breezes caused the palm trees overhead to sway back and forth much like the dancers at the luau, all in perfect unison. Both men gazed into the darkness, most likely thinking what would happen to the two of them in the coming days.


Would Pete stay and not return to New York? Cruz certainly hoped so. He dragged his finger over Pete’s bare back, then down the crevice of his buttocks until he found the sweet spot he was looking for. With his older lover lying on his chest, he sighed deeply thinking about the future. About the life he wanted them to spend together. Although his brain told him to not allow Pete to infiltrate his heart, he’d ignored that and done exactly that.


No party boy should fall in love That had been Cruz’s motto for the longest of time but now, with the man of his dreams, resting comfortably and barely squirming when he pleasured him, he couldn’t help but feel the sense of longing and desire he’d never felt before.


Damnit Cruz you’re in love, just fuckin’ admit it to yourself. You’ve already told him.


Cruz released a deep breath, and caressed the back of Pete’s neck, making him meet his green gaze. “There’s nothin’ I want more than this, Pete.”


Pete nodded and hovered over Cruz. His blue eyes piercing his soul. “Same here, C. I’m sending for the dog tomorrow.”

* * *

Here is more of the Tuesday Tales authors!


4 Responses to "Tuesday Tales – Continuation of Pete and Cruz"

Love does make you feel the sense of longing and desire you’ve never felt before… catches you when you least expect it- great excerpt

TY Dawne! I love this little story

I”m so glad he’s sending for the dog. This is a beautiful story of love

TY Lindsay for following and commenting

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