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Tuesday Tales – More of Peter and Cruz in Paradise

Posted on: March 19, 2012

  Good evening. My Tuesday Tale story is still going. Pete and Cruz have a short I’m doing as part of an anthology and I’ll be writing a full novella for them called Bucket List. 

 Hope you’re enjoying them in this small snippets. 

Prompt is sky

A commercial plane flew in the blue sky overhead and all I could think about was how many flights I’d canceled to stay in paradise with my new lover. Time and time again, I called the reservations agents, moving it for a week, then another, and another until finally I didn’t feel as if I needed to do it anymore. I knew in my heart I wasn’t leaving Cruz despite the so called good life I had at home. The only thing I missed was my dog Snapper. I’d have to send for him eventually since my best friend Royce started to wonder if I’d ever leave the beautiful islands of Waikiki to return to the hustle and bustle of New York City.


“Pete, are you stayin there? Man, don’t you think that might be a mistake? Don’t you know how much the cost of living is in Hawaii?”


“The prices in New York are just as high. I can afford it.” I had to snort at that remark since it was only halfway true but still, as I stated, it really didn’t matter. Except for my beloved Collie, I had everything I wanted here. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful blue skies, and a man I could call my own. The high rise in upper Manhattan had nothing on the scenery here. Not only that, there were no men like Cruz that awaited my return back to the big apple.


Time to get the dog on the airplane!


Hupe you enjoyed! Please make sure you check out the other Tuesday Tale authors, here.

10 Responses to "Tuesday Tales – More of Peter and Cruz in Paradise"

I say send for the dog…send for the dog. Loved this TT!

Thanks Dakota for reading!

Love the emotion you display here. The commitment to stay with Cruz. I can’t wait to see how it goes for them, especially when Peter leaves NYC for love in Hawaii. Am so enjoying this story1

Thanks Jean for the comments. 😀

Love is a strong emotion. I’m so glad Pete has it and what better place to be than Hawaii. It’s a magical island. Great read.

TY for the comment Tai, glad you enjoyed

Love conquers all

Yes it does. I’ll see what happens next

I can’t wait to see whats happens between Peter and Cruz. I would send for the dog and stay put. Love the element of commitment you have in here.

Thanks so much Karen! I love them too. More to come of them tomorrow. 😀

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