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New Book from NNP Postcards of Passion!

Posted on: March 14, 2012


   Greetings folks! Well today is release day for me and the other fab authors at Naughty Nights Press!

The anthology Postcards of Passion is totally free! Thats right, FREE! Here is the blurb written by own lovely CEO, Gina Kincade.

Postcards of Passion has been lovingly put together by fourteen writers who want to share a sample of their writing, with you, the reader.

Each story will keep you enthralled, excited and entertained. We have a little bit of everything that you have come to know and expect from authors of Naughty Nights Press.

At the end of each story, you will find a little thank you surprise from the author to you, a coupon to purchase one of their books at a discounted price, valid for two weeks only.
How fabulous is that? 
You get Postcards of Passion for FREE, plus you get up to fourteen coupons to purchase the author’s other books at discounted prices!

Please pass the word around to your friends so they too can get their personal copy in the digital version of their choice! 

Please remember that downloading a separate copy for each person is simple, FREE, and avoids Piracy!

How cool is that? Along with the other stories in the antho is my story which is a little bit from my Masquerade series which I must get back to. *grins* This is the scene I took out but I have a feeling the publisher I want to submit to will like it so I’ll add it back in.

Look for With Menage Comes Insecurities and receive a coupon to get Time to Make the Donuts at 50% off at Smashwords,  Enjoy all the stories. 



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2 Responses to "New Book from NNP Postcards of Passion!"

Hello Rawiya,

Wow this is AWESOME, thank you soooooo much. The “Anthology Postcards of Passion” , how VERY generous of so many Fantastic Authors at Naughty Nights Press to put together an exciting stories for Us, the Readers for free, I know I am honored! 🙂 ….& if this Book is not Gift enough, each Author is offering another thank you surprise of a coupon to purchase one of their books at a discounted price. We couldn’t possibly ask for a nicer gift, Thank you very much from a very thrilled Reader….& Rawiya, I ALWAYS LQQk forward to anything that you write….heck if you wrote a grocery list I’d read it because I know it would be GREAT!!! 🙂 LOL

Take Care & Wishing You & Yours the Best of Health,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Well thank you Renee. I love when you make comments on my blog, they make me smile! 😉

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