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Wind Down Wednesday – The Muse Wants Music

Posted on: March 7, 2012

Greetings! This is BL on Rawiya’s blog which is still missing saucy pics on the sidebars. O.0 Ah well, I suppose she’d like to keep it that way, So, what about when the muses muse wants music? Over at IRM, Michael is talking about the characters being our muse. Yep, me and my muse are busy writing Candyman, 4th book in the Something New on the Menu series from NNP. In Rawiya’s segment, we’ve talked about the music that inspires us. Well, what about when your muse wants music in his or her story? O.0 Yes, the muses are demanding aren’t they? Do this, do that. *giggles* My muse actually wanted a certain music to be played and then it spurred on another story as well as a possible scene for a book.


How is that different from inspiration, you ask? Well, it is part of it. The muse may want you to listen to stir up a scene or plot, however, in this case, the muse wanted a particular song in the story referenced. In Candyman, Elayne Roux mentions A.D.I.D.A.S by Korn which is one of my all time favorites. In a conversation with secondary character Lucas, he talks about, well how he thinks about sex all the time. So he mentions the song in a funny exchange and well I had to listen to it. Then what happened? The muse wanted to hear that whole album. It didn’t have anything to do with the story necessarily, what he was thinking or the scenes, but the rest just made him go because he liked the tone.


Okay fine, just about the same thing as inspiration but you get the picture. Yes the muses can be demanding, wanting authors to do things. I should know. *laughs* Candyman is close to completion and since Elayne has made me and Shar listen to a certain kind of music to get him going, we’ll stick with it.


Here is that exchange


Unedited Excerpt


Once they’d made their way to the large office at the end of the hall, Lucas opened the door and Elayne stepped in. “Wow. Alots changed a lot since I was last here.”

“Demi didn’t tell you he redecorated? After he found out about the uh, erm, disease, he had it totally rehabbed to something he thought you might like more than him. He wanted to make sure you’d be totally comfortable.

Dear old dad!

That last statement brought a small tear in his eye as he glanced at the large space that was now his working space. The large picturesque windows gave a great view of the outside. White walls mostly bare but one modern abstract painting sat above the mantel over the fireplace. On the other side, a file cabinet with only a stereo system on top and in the middle, the long desk made from fine wood with rounded corners had only a vase full of roses and a pen set with a nameplate that read Elayne Roux, President.

“Ah Lucas, are those from you?”

The caramel man blushed, “Yes, I thought you’d like them on your first day. The name plate just came this morning. Go on, go sit at the desk and try it on for size,” he grinned.

Elayne returned the smile and did as Lucas suggested. Once he sat down in the leather chair, he breathed a sigh of relief when his buttocks touched the cushions. “Oh…this chair is fabulous.”

“Gives good massages too,” Lucas added and pulled up another chair from the corner of the room.

Elayne cocked an eyebrow. “Does it give hand jobs? I might need that after a frustrating day at the office.”

“Elayne, will you stop,” he laughed. “Is that’s all you think about?”

“Yep. You know that old song by Korn, A.D.I.D.A.S, shit. That’s what makes the world go around, Lucas.”

“Not the business world, Elayne. Here it’s all about the cash and the power.”

“You couldn’t be more right my dear, Lucas!”

Elayne’s smile turned upside down rather quickly. That wretched voice! Jakob had come in to pay him a visit on his first day.


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