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Tuesday Tales – A Continuation of the Pic Prompt

Posted on: March 5, 2012

Greetings! Here is my Tuesday Tale. A little hot m/m that doesn’t have a title but is begging to be written. 

Prompt is Life

“I wanna spend my life with you Peter. You’re my best friend and my lover.” Cruz ran his long fingers over Peter’s lips and kissed them lightly. That moment, the connection between them sent a surge through the young man’s body. He whimpered into the embrace and grabbed his partner’s back through the soft material of his shirt. “God I wanna make love to you.”

“Here? Cruz, someone will see us and ask us to leave…we can’t−”

Immediately Cruz covered Peter’s mouth again, not allowing him to finish. “Let them try. This is a private isle. No one said making love on the sand wasn’t allowed.” Cruz lifted his shirt from over his head and tossed it aside. Despite Pete’s protests, he began undressing him slowly. “I want you now, Pete. I wanna spend a lifetime showin’ you just how much.”

Peter sighed and assisted Cruz with his task. Cruz met his gaze, wild brown eyes to sea blues, the same color as the Pacific Ocean. Lightly, he pushed him down in the sand and hovered over him, gently tracing the wrinkles on his forehead and placing a peck on every one.

“You really do love this old man, don’cha? Those lines in my forehead aren’t that attractive.”

“Yes they are. They make you look distinguished, each and every one of them.” Cruz continued his trail of pecks on down the bridge of Peter’s nose. He could feel himself getting harder by the minute. Nothing would stop him from making love to Peter right here and right now. No one.


***Hope you enjoyed Please go visit the rest of the Tuesday Tale authors here.

4 Responses to "Tuesday Tales – A Continuation of the Pic Prompt"

Oops! I left my comment in the wrong place! I’m loving this story and the hot scene on the beach. Beautifully written, too.

TY Jean for visiting. I love this story. They will get their book in about a month. lol

This is a beautifully written hot scene

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