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Posted on: March 30, 2012

  Today, I’m at Erotica For All, Lucy Felthouse’s blog with a guestpost about interracial romance. Here is the link 

Also Wicked gal is at Erotic Diaries with recommendations of gay porn.

Please stop by and see us today!


“My husband tells me I write porn and asks what example am I setting for my kids…”


“You must not be selling well because your checks are so low.”


I’m not saying who these quotes come from. They’re paraphrased anyway. Who says these things? These are things erotica and/or romance writers hear from their loved ones; family and friends whether it be spouses, siblings or bff’s.


Pardon me but loved ones means someone who is supposed to love you and support you in all your endeavors especially if it hurts no one. You’ve seen parents and spouses stick by their family members when they did do something horrible like commit murder or even when they’ve committed adultery but wow, you write erotica or smut hetero or gay and you’re setting a bad example. You’re SCUM!




I have to wonder about the family of writers like Stephen King. No doubt, the man is a horror master and has built a fanbase that will carry o way after he’s gone. Stories about chopping people up and demonic beings who murder for fun and yet he’s lauded by millions. However, as erotica or romance writers we are the scum of the earth. Oh no, you can’t possibly write about something like falling in love and having sex! No way. You’re not setting a good example for the children! You’re not a real writer, etc, etc. HATERS!


Regardless of whether you write straight, m/m, bdsm, or whatever, your story’s base is still romance. You write about two people connecting on some level which is what people do every day but for whatever reason, you as the erotica romance writer cannot show your face anywhere. You can’t hold down a job and let people know what you write. Your neighbors treat you like a leper so you have to keep a penname. When your kids ask you, you tell them I write romance and if they tell their friends, they are probably told your mom writes smut or porn.


Oh but it’s okay if you write about murdering people, yeah that’s cool. *laughs*


I keep using Stephen King or horror writers not because I don’t like what he does in fact I respect him as an artist. I’m not a huge fan of his books but I’ve read a couple and seen the movies. However, the reason I use him is because I don’t see the uproar over what he has been doing for decades but we as romance writers still draw the most disrespect.


I’m sure there are people who don’t like what he writes. I don’t know his history, maybe he has been shunned by his peers but I can only comment on what I see in the genre I write in. My fellow writers doubting themselves and asking the above question almost to the point of tears. Is it worth it?


Excuse my French but HELL YES!

First and foremost, you as a writer are an artist, a creator, someone that writes stories from the heart. Regardless of what genre or style, what level of sex, etc, you’re still someone writing a story about 2 or more people doing something God gave us the will to do. Love and connect. You might not believe in God which is fine, still you as a human have been given that ability so you write about it. Is there something wrong with this? No. Let’s move on.


Second, the example you’re setting for your kids. Hmm, well I don’t know, you’re doing something that you love doing. Writing. You write for hours, after they are fed and asleep in their beds. You do it tirelessly along with promoting your books, putting your pen name out there to get recognized. With it, comes some good reviews some bad and eventually, someone likes your work, buys it, and you make some money that keeps them clothed and fed. What does that teach them? Determination and the will to succeed. When you shrug off a bad review, it shows them you won’t let anyone stop you from doing what you love. The 5.00 royalty check that might buy a dozen of eggs and a loaf of bread will help along the way and if you keep doing it despite how big or small it might be, it shows that you’re willing to work hard regardless of the money you make from it. All writers have books that don’t sell, some have books that sell thousands. It’s a rollercoaster business and we do it because we love it. I don’t know what better life lessons than that.


Third, the money. I’ve touched on that in the second part but has anyone heard the saying, starving artist? Regardless if you’re a painter, a writer, a sculptor, photographer, movie maker, actor, you are an artist and the work you do takes time to make money. Yes, it is a business and yes we would like to sell a million copies of every book but that’s just unrealistic. Along with the determination and that will to succeed, you have to have luck and patience. I can tell you if you start to write or create just with the sole purpose of selling then in my opinion, you are in it for the wrong reasons. You must love what you do first! You might love that book but only 40 people have bought it.  It hasn’t caught on but soon, you’ll write that book that will sell a thousand or more copies. This takes time and as I said, for some it might not take as long but for others a little longer. This is a huge market, erotica and or romance and the numbers of writers and publishers as well as the Indies grows by leaps and bounds every day. Yes, we all want that reader to love us and the good thing about this business is we can all share the same “customers.” Do it for the love first, not the money.


As artists, we all have our ups and downs. I know I’ve had several times where I doubted myself or the story I wrote but I keep at it. Why? Because I love it.


Let me share my own experience with you since it’s the only one I can comment on. I have a husband, 2 kids. One 13, one going on 4. My husband is very supportive of what I do and has stated he’s happy that I’m doing what I love. At the same time, he is also somewhat of a homophobe. He doesn’t want to admit that he isn’t tolerant as he should be. (See my article on Its Raining Men.) Still, as I stated, he has read some of my work, has talked my ideas over with me and gave me a hug and kiss when I have a small bit of success. Really, I’m glad I have at least that from him. Notice I didn’t mention mom or sibling. They know what I write. Mom doesn’t get it or like it. My brother is happy that I’m doing something I love but doesn’t understand the gay angle. Ah well.


My son has made the statement that I write and look at gay porn. Quickly, I pulled him to the side and told him I write romance and the stories about two people falling in love whether gay or straight isn’t porn. Big difference. Yeah I have some porn on my computer and the kid has seen a couple of pictures on accident. Did I freak? Nope. I said, I’m an adult, you’re the kid. Do I know this kid has seen some stuff most likely when he’s not under my watchful eye? Yes. We can’t shelter our kids from everything. I’ve even told my kid and his teachers that I’m a writer and I expect him to explain everything fully in his papers as I do. To give a complete picture. When we take the time to explain, our kids can’t do anything but learn from our experience. They’ll eventually find out anyway.


My friends love what I do. All of them whether my Facebook friends, the peeps I have friended through fanfiction, (mostly Durannies) and my own friends here at home have all been the most supportive. My bff attended GayRomLit with me and she was one of the people who encouraged me to pick up the pen again in 2009. If I didn’t have the hubs support, I’d still do it because my friends have been there to show their love.


In this long rant/ramble, the point is we as authors love what we do. We can’t help what people think and if they shun us for it, then that’s their problem. It’s not a reason to stop writing! It’s not a valid reason to stop doing what you love if you really do love it.


Forget the naysayers! Write about 2 people falling in love and be proud of what you’ve written. Is it worth it? Yes it is because it’s in your heart to continue!

   Good evening! Here is more of Pete and Cruz.

Thanks to everyone who has followed them! They have so much story to tell but I’m not ready to indulge them. *sigh*

Today’s prompt is night

Bright stars filled the night sky, the subtle waves of the ocean moved slowly. The gentle breezes caused the palm trees overhead to sway back and forth much like the dancers at the luau, all in perfect unison. Both men gazed into the darkness, most likely thinking what would happen to the two of them in the coming days.


Would Pete stay and not return to New York? Cruz certainly hoped so. He dragged his finger over Pete’s bare back, then down the crevice of his buttocks until he found the sweet spot he was looking for. With his older lover lying on his chest, he sighed deeply thinking about the future. About the life he wanted them to spend together. Although his brain told him to not allow Pete to infiltrate his heart, he’d ignored that and done exactly that.


No party boy should fall in love That had been Cruz’s motto for the longest of time but now, with the man of his dreams, resting comfortably and barely squirming when he pleasured him, he couldn’t help but feel the sense of longing and desire he’d never felt before.


Damnit Cruz you’re in love, just fuckin’ admit it to yourself. You’ve already told him.


Cruz released a deep breath, and caressed the back of Pete’s neck, making him meet his green gaze. “There’s nothin’ I want more than this, Pete.”


Pete nodded and hovered over Cruz. His blue eyes piercing his soul. “Same here, C. I’m sending for the dog tomorrow.”

* * *

Here is more of the Tuesday Tales authors!



  Good morning! Look at the hot cover made by fab author Sara York. The smexy cover for the Hot Summer Fun m/m anthology brought to you by authors from the IRM group. They will be self pubbed and this one comes out in June with the short about my Tuesday Tale characters, Peter and Cruz. 

Pete and Cruz will have a full book of their own later on tentatively called The Bucket List. Follow the Tuesday Tales with them every Monday night. Here is the blurb from my story.

One Night in Paradise With You – Peter Galley is a successful businessman taking a well deserved vacation to Hawaii after being overworked. He has one night left before he goes back to New York to fullfill his fantasy of having sex with a man. He meets Cruz Vallejo, resident surfer, party boy, and gorgeous town hunk. Peter immediately wants to make this man his conquest but will Cruz even notice and if he does will he give Pete the chance?

Look for it in June 2012!


 Greetings all. Here is my 100 word story for Flash Fiction Friday. Hope you enjoy it!


Brandon gazed into Falsha’s green eyes. The message here was clear; he wanted him more than anything. Immediately, he grabbed Branson’s neck and sucked the space directly under his chin before making his way down to his collarbone.

“Ooh God, I want…”

“I need you.” Falsha’s eyes widened, pupils turned blood red. He showed his fangs. “You need this, you need me…I need you…forever…” The moment he completed his sentence, he pierced Brandon’s throat with his sharp incisors, tearing away tanned flesh and slowly killing him as he desired.

Brandon’s eyes fluttered, “Yes Falsha, I want, I need…I love you…”

* * *

That was my take. Make sure you check out the other fab FFF authors here.

  Here are the rules:
1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.
4. Tag 7 other authors. No cheating.

Here is my a day late but wow what a fun challenge:

Both were aware that something was happening; something real, and exciting.

Regardless of the fact they had just met, it seemed to be just like the fairytale that Rhoda had talked about the other day. Sakina’s prince was here, standing right in front of her, and because he was on duty in Dar Es Salaam for a year plus, they would have plenty of time to get to know each other.

In Manzese at Sakina’s home, Dakora was crying out for her child in Swahili. The pain she felt in her chest was unbearable. The usually reliable nurse had fallen asleep in the chair with the television watching her.

Although she’d known that her daughter was out having fun, Dakora had forgotten and wailed her name hoping that she’d come running as she usually would.


  Greetings fans. Welcome to Rawiya’s today. I’m happy to have my wicked sis, BLMortcia here as she talks about the music she listened to while writing the sequel to her hit seller, My Lieutenant. Let’s see what she’s saying!

* * *

Mornin’. I have no idea why I’m up this early after being up late night to finish the follow up to My Lieutenant. Oh I suppose because Rawiya asked me to. *grins*

Well, I think the muse took me into some interesting places for ML2. Lt. Bryant Duncan is a middle aged retired officer who’s in love with his sexy artist boyfriend, Nathan Ellerby. And because he wanted to show you just how much he loves and appreciates his man, he subjected me to listening to some music, I the metal muse, am not used to.

Some old R&B! WOW! In particular, a couple of songs by legendary singer, Stevie Wonder. As a matter of fact, in the last part of the story, he sings a little of Ribbon in the Sky which is actually a favorite of mine. Now, I don’t quote the song, can’t do that but he talks about the tune played at his wedding to his former wife Selah.

Another tune by the Stevie, is a fave of mine as well. I know, I know you say, you’re a metal head, how the heck do you go from like Megadeth to Stevie Wonder?


Well, only the muses would take me there. This one I had to listen to a few times so he’d talk. Actually, he had no issues with doing that, but it seemed to make him happiest. This one from Stevie, “All I Do.”

I do love the song. I’m datin’ myself and the head there but it was out when she was 9. LOL

I digress. Here is the tentative blurb from “In His Arms”

Nathan Ellerby and Lt. Bryant Duncan are at it again. This time, the story shifts from Nathan to Bryant who’s looking to solidify his relationship with Nathan. The Lieutenant wants to take Nathan everywhere. To visit his naval friends, his parents who still aren’t happy about his decision to come out, as well as his best friends Mike’s bachelor party. Bryant refuses to hide his man from the masses and despite his man’s insistence on the unimportance of the matter, Bryant pushes on. 

Bryant also wants to convince his partner about the move to New Orleans where a beautiful garden home awaits this loving couple. This is the love story, told from Bryant’s POV. Less snarky but still humorous in a BL kind of way. She’ll have to channel Michael Mandrake a little to stay in character but of course, she’ll add her touch. 

Another light hearted interracial romance with a little mischief, fun, and hot sex!

Submitting to Rebel Ink soon so hopefully the boss will like it!

Thanks Rawiya for having me!

Here is the link to My Lieutenant 1 in case you’re interested!

Official Blurb:Nathan Ellerby’s apartment has been ransacked by his ex who didn’t like the fact Nathan dumped him. Trouncing through the debris uttering a string of obscenities, Nathan’s shocked to see Lieutenant Bryant Duncan at his door claiming he’s already caught the offender. Sensing an instant connection, when Nathan finds out Bryant’s divorced and he’s straddling the fence between being gay or bisexual, Nathan finds himself in a quandary.

 Although the Lieutenant does everything in his power to prove to Nathan he’s worthy, Nathan is afraid to lower his defenses which leaves both men wondering if Nathan will allow love into his life even through his doubts.

ARe http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-mylieutenant-625417-148.html

Bookstrand http://www.bookstrand.com/my-lieutenant

Amazon http://www.amazon.com/My-Lieutenant-ebook/dp/B00628S0TM/ref=pd_rhf_dp_p_t_4



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