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Picture Prompt for Tuesday Tales – An untitled M/M sweet excerpt

Posted on: February 29, 2012

 Greetings. I’ll be doing Tuesday Tales with a bunch of very talented writers     writing sweet and sensual 300 word stories. Here is my first post. Hope you like it. 

“Bring it here!” Peter called out to the young man he’d had has eyes on for the past three months. Finally they decided to go out on a date after both got over their fears. The resolution? They belonged together, regardless of their age difference, what their friends and or parents said. The couple was a match made in heaven; the attraction much too strong.

He watched the tall Hawaiian push the rowboat onto the grass. When he finished, the twenty-two year old waded through the blue waters, clad in only his swimming shorts. His honey colored skin shone in the sunlight, blinding him but still pleasing to him and anyone who could see.


What a man!


Peter raked his hand through his grey streaked brown hair and smiled, gawking at the hot guy coming towards him carrying two fish they’d just caught for dinner. That’s mine, really mine? His long brown locks flowed over his shoulders and his chest glistened with moisture.

“They look healthy. You did good old man!” Cruz sat next him and placed their meal in the icebox. “Are you going to clean them or me?”

“I suppose I could.” Peter’s mouth felt like the sand they were sitting on. He couldn’t help but blush over his new partner.

“Good, ‘cause even though I like to eat them, I hate cleaning them.” His long arm snaked around Pete’s shoulders and he planted a light kiss on his wrinkled forehead.

Peter laughed and shifted to gawk at his partner. “You sure you wanna be with an old man like me? I mean…”

“Shhhh…” Cruz stroked Peter’s bare arm, sending shivers up the man’s spine. “Yes I do. Only you Peter, with me, here in paradise, forever, you hear? I love you Pete.”

“Love you too.”

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8 Responses to "Picture Prompt for Tuesday Tales – An untitled M/M sweet excerpt"

Great story and welcome to our group

You know i love it wifey ♥
Going to continue it somewhere?

Yep this is my IRM story for the anthology!

Thx for commenting wifey. ❤

Love this sweet story and the way you blended the surroundings with their love. Nicely done! Looking forward to reading more about these two.

TY Jean for allowing me to post. It was fun to write them

welcome to the group, and love the gentleness and yet deep connection between them

This is the first time for me reading this kind of genre, it still held my attention to the end.

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