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Saturday Sips – Trois in Treble

Posted on: February 18, 2012

Good morning.

Welcome to the Saturday Sips here at Rawiya’s.

This one I’ve been working on I haven’t worked on in a while but I hope to get back to it.

My MMF, Trois in Treble is about a struggling band trying to make it in the music business but they’ve recently lost their singer.

Deanna is looking to do something different and would like to join their band. While one is fighting her every step of the way, the other wants her be part of the group and his menage with his boyfriend.

Sound interesting? it is!

I previewed it in a couple of sips awhile back. Sip1 and Sip2

 Here is another for you. Hopefully, I’ll get this done!


A few days had passed once Eli and Rafael offered Dina the job as their lead vocalist. She was spectacular at every practice, listening to everything Eli told her, even coming in prepared with a couple of her own tunes which Eli couldn’t help but appreciate. Seemingly, she was more than ready to handle Eli’s take charge, attitude. She refused to get rattled, and if anything it spurred her on to do better.


When they first gave her the position, she had no clue what the keyboardist was up to but she was suspicious from the start. She’d known Eli wasn’t that easily swayed and now that she was involved full throttle, she saw every game he tried to run and turned it around on him.

Maybe he thought I was a fool

Dina was exactly the opposite and knew she’d need to bring her ‘A’ game each time for the demanding Eli so she could stay afloat.

Besides, the main reason she wanted this was still Rafael, and though they hadn’t had time to cross that path yet, she knew it would only be a matter of time before they’d get the chance.

“Ahem…” she cleared her throat, drinking from her Evian bottle while looking at the lines to the new song she’d wrote with Eli’s assistance. They’d been working on this same tune for a couple of hours and though she wanted to work on something else, she knew she’d have to play along not to show a sign of weakness.

“Okay Dina, take it from the beginning again, please? We need you to sing this just right before we play it at the club next week.”

She raised her arm, putting up her thumb. “Yes, Sir…let’s go for it.” She rolled her eyes, rubbing the back of her head, looking at the notes.

“I know you wanted to bring this to a new level…” she sang the words while looking at the sheet of paper in her hand. He wanted her to sing it in a certain kind of tone so he could better arrange the music behind it. A high pitch is what he asked for and this time, she was determined to give him the highest she had.

“Yes, there you go, awesome!” She heard his voice from in back of her as well as claps from both men which relieved her.

Again she focused on the main reason she was here, the drummer, and just how much she wanted to get him in bed. Dina desired his hard body next to hers, his soft lips on her neck while he pressed his hardened flesh into her love canal.

“Mhmm…” It had been so long since the last time she had sex with someone she remotely cared about. The last one was Jean, and everyone after him failed in comparison.

Jarring her thoughts was a strong set of hands on her shoulders, lightly shaking her and hugging her from behind.

“Great job,” he whispered in her ear, causing her to jolt before turning around, looking into Rafael’s brown orbs.

The man was every bit of gorgeous. His firm body complimented by the slim jeans and the tight fitting shirt he wore. Rafael had changed the color of his hair to a jet black with brown streaks on the top.

He was a god, and he knew she did more than take notice.

“Thank you.” She held onto his arms, talking a moment to grip onto his muscles. “You been working out, baby?”

Rafael laughed, “As always, Dina. Plus Mister Man over there keeps me busy.”

She winced at the comment about Eli although she’d known from that first night they were indeed a couple. When they told her, it was for her information and not necessarily a casual conversation.

Eli was the one who’d brought it up and even though she’d suspected, it still didn’t make the resentment disappear.

“I’m sure,” she chuckled, dropping her hands from his shoulders.

“Listen, um…” he rubbed the back of his neck. “How about dinner tonight with us, huh? I already cleared it with Eli.”

Dina raised an eyebrow before smiling wryly. Her brown eyes travelled over to Eli who was too busy checking out something on his synthesizer.

“Really? Uh, sure. As long as I’m not gonna be intruding on anything.” She said the last part of her sentence a little louder to see if Eli would respond.

She heard his sigh. “No, you won’t be, lady love. Please, come have a meal with us.”

Rafael returned the smirk, holding on to her hands, making her feel the warmth between her thighs. “We have things to discuss with you, Dina.”

“Oh yeah?” She returned the grip while swinging his arms.

“You’ll find out tonight,” Eli chimed in. “Just say you’ll be there. You need a ride?”

“Uh, yeah…I…don’t drive so…” She didn’t break the gaze with her desired. She sensed her palms getting moist as well as the goose bumps forming on her flesh.

“I’ll come get you then,” Rafael answered. “Or, maybe we can drive you home and you’ll pick up something to change in?”

“No, no, that’s not what we discussed Rafael. Let the woman go and freshen up, then you can go get her.” The short blonde walked over in her direction, locking eyes with her. Purposely he pulled their hands apart, taking one of each of their palms into his own. “Rafael, we have things we need to do before Dina joins us, okay. Let her relax and then when she’s ready, she can call you to come get her.”

She glanced at Rafael.

The man is whipped.


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