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Flash Fiction Friday – Kiss Me

Posted on: February 3, 2012

  Greetings all! Here is another flash fiction bit from me. Hope you like it. 







“No, really, I’m good, I…” Kevin looked away from his onscreen partner, Darren who looked mighty perplexed.


“Cut!” The director screamed. “Kevin, dammit, I need you to do this scene, today, right? What’s the issue, do you need 5?”


In Kevin’s mind, this was more than just a scene, it was his chance to let Darren know how he felt about him. “I’m okay, sorry, go on and…”


“What’s wrong with you, man? You gotta problem with kissin’ me?”


The actor sighed and fidgeted. Hell no, he didn’t have a problem with kissing men but this wasn’t just ANY man!”


Hope you enjoyed

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18 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday – Kiss Me"

Oh loved it. Do tell more. How long has he had these feelings?

Very nice. Yes, they must kiss. We need to see more from this pair.

This 100 word stuff is hard. I want to read more….

Very different take on this – hot one sis!

Very nice! Now I want more! 🙂

Loved your take on the photo. Great post!

Great tension! Oh, I wonder what he’s gonna do on the following take.

Funny how kissing is easy when it doesn’t mean a damn thing, It’s only an issue when it’s important. Great post.

What Lee said! Tons of emotion. Loved it babe

A kiss is never just a kiss, even when it’s in the movies. Think Angelina and Brad. A hot kiss can spark a fire of desire that burns the soul. Kevin knows – you only get one chance at a first impression. I hope he used his chap stick before the shoot. Excellent.

I hope he’ll be able to give the kiss that will show his movie partner the way he really feels about it. The first kiss is so important in a relationship!!
Great post!

Ah, a kiss can be the start of something very promising. :oD Nice post.

Oh yeah, this is need and desire. Great one!

This would be a fantastic story. I sure hope you run with it!

Lee Brazil said it quite succinctly. Good job. Flash me again, anytime.

Loved it! I want more!

I def want more. 🙂

I love you view of the picture. I kiss truly is important and can tell you and the other person sooooo much about each other. I have often wondered how actors can “detach” during a kiss, maybe some cant afterall.
Great FFF

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