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Welcome Liz Borino!

Posted on: January 31, 2012

  Good morning. Welcome to Rawiya’s. I’m happy to have on, erotica romance writer, Liz Borino who write’s m/m and m/f for an interview. Let’s hear what she has to say.


How long have you been writing?


All of my life. However, I’ve been published since December 1, 2010.


What made you decide that you wanted to put yourself out there to publish?


I wrote a story, which I believed deserved to be read. I hoped people would meet these characters and fall in love the way I had. Maybe their story would touch someone.


Before you started, had you done any fanfiction? If so, what fandom?


Yes, a very long time ago. I think I was 10 or 11 and I wrote a combination of Hanson and Roswell. That’s all the details you’re getting.


Are you in agreement that writing fanfiction is a great way to practice ones craft, why or why not? Sure, the characters are already in place.


Since you write, m/m, m/f, do you find it difficult to switch back and forth? No, for me it’s more about who the characters are and their personalities. My boys are very distinct so there’s not much focus on switching.


What is your opinion on the “chicks with dicks” analogy? In your opinion, is it wrong for your males to be emotional or romantic?


No, not at all. People forget that men can be sensitive and it doesn’t make them less of men. What woman, or man for that matter, would choose a man who refused to show emotions?

Your first published book? Expectations, the first in the Taylor Twins series.


I’m of the opinion that erotica doesn’t have to be real all the time to make a good story, what are your thoughts?


Real? No, but believable, yes. For me, a hero that’s too demanding or domineering is a real turn off. A man who thinks he gets last say on the virtue of his penis won’t get very far with this feminist. Yes, I know that’s an unpopular view.


What are you working on now?


The Test, which is the fourth book in the Taylor Twins’ series. And the first book in the m/m erotica novella series, Ben’s Life, entitled Action.


When creating your characters, do you have models in mind or are they totally fictional?


Little bit of both.


If you write gay romance or erotica, just how descriptive are you in their sex scenes?


I used to focus on emotion, but as the series progressed I got more comfortable showing their physicality and pleasures.


Recently, a writer sabotaged her career by answering a bad review on a blog. How would you have handled this and do you think authors should answer their reviews?


I answer positive reviews and as for negative reviews, well I have friends I vent to. That’s the best way to stay professional.


Do you think it’s important as a writer of both to do your research on the genre you are least familiar with? Yes.

What do you enjoy most about writing in the genre you don’t do as often? Ex if an m/f writer, would do you like about m/m?

I like m/f only because I understand the sex scenes better. I can use inspiration from my own life for my m/f couple.



Do you write under a different pename because you switch? I never write under a pen name. I may someday regret that.


What’s it like talking to family or friends about writing romance and or erotica? I generally don’t. I come from a conservative family.


Have you ever thought about doing a ménage story? If so tell us why and your idea?


I actually wrote one. It’s called “Jesse” and it appears in the anthology Indulgence


For you, what works in promotions?


Fan promotion works best to sell books in my opinion.


Do you think we should be held accountable for the pictures and or covers we post on social media ie Facebook when we promo? Why or why not? Yes, if we post it we should be responsible.


Do you have any advice you could give to new writers?


Listen to others, consider their opinion, but more than anything consider your characters and story first.

Fun Questions


Boxers or Briefs?  Boxers.


What celebrity man or woman do you wish you could have but can’t? I have a thing for Colin Farrell. Love that Irish accent.

Give me a sweet romantic scene off the top of your head in 5 sentences or less.


He brushed the hair from her face. Their lips met, slowly at first, but as the passion built he let go of the control. This was where he was meant to be, right in her arms.


The character in one of your books that you identify with? Ally

Chocolate or Vanilla? Combo

Bubble bath or shower? Shower

Lights on or off? On

Favorite way to relax. Don’t say write! I enjoy watching House

What is one sentence to sum up (Your Name?) Liz is a romantic who gives all the good stories to her characters.


Expectations depicts the struggle between what we desire for ourselves and our familiar obligations. This is personified by Chris and Matt Taylor, identical twins who are trying to win their overbearing father’s approval and acquire their trust funds. Their best friend and roommate, Aiden O’Boyle, left his family behind in Ireland to pursue a career in dance.

Robert Taylor, Matt and Chris’s father has set certain conditions that must be met in order for them to receive their trust funds. Matt must work at a job he hates while struggling with alcoholism. Chris has to deny his own desires and deep love for Aiden, to get married to Matt’s girlfriend. All the while, their father continues to use extreme measures to ensure his sons’ compliance. Will they learn to lean on each other and discover their strength or succumb to their father’s will? Amazon

What Money Can’t Buy

What Money Can’t Buy, the sequel to Expectations, finds the two couples, Chris and Aiden and Matt and Carley, eagerly anticipating parenthood. However, their personal struggles continue. Though Matt overcame his dependency on alcohol, new temptations present themselves. And with Carley on bed rest, these temptations put a greater strain on their relationship. Chris continues to deal with issues regarding his father. These issues increase with greater proximity. When tragedy strikes, the best and worst in everyone is revealed. Can they stick together, or will their reactions tear them apart? Amazon

Gifts from the Past

Following Expectations and What Money Can’t Buy, the third novel in the Taylor Twins series, Gifts from the Past, finds the twins, Chris and Matt Taylor, immersed in the greatest challenges of their lives—parenthood. Chris and Aiden are raising their adopted daughter and their special needs son, who struggles with physical and emotional challenges daily. Matt, on the other hand, has a beautiful and happy baby girl. However, his fiancée, Carley, has gone from overemotional to abusive and Matt needs to decide his best course of action. When Ally, Chris’s college girlfriend, comes back into the twins’ lives, everything becomes complicated. Especially for Matt.

Gifts from the Past is a novel redefining love, family, loyalty, and ultimately survival. Amazon

1 Response to "Welcome Liz Borino!"

Great interview!! I have had the pleasure of watching the characters come to life thru Liz’s writing, and I have to say, I am very anxious to get my hands on the last novel she is working on now!!! 🙂

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