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Flash Fiction Friday – Shy

Posted on: January 27, 2012

  Good morning. Here is my Flash Fiction Friday for this week. Hope you enjoy it. 

 “Barry?” Charlie gazed at his new lover with widened eyes, admiring his beautiful body. He knew Barry had been through hell but he wanted to show him something beautiful still lie behind those scars.

“I…” Barry stuttered and refused to look at the camera. “I don’t understand what you’re trying to prove, Charlie. I’m ugly,” he cried. “They messed me up with they threw me to the ground, kicked me, and…” The tears ran down his cheeks.

Quickly, I sprinted to him and lightly kissed his lips. “No you’re not, babe. They haven’t taken the most important thing…your beautiful spirit.”

Hope you liked. Visit the other flashers and how they interpreted this same photo.

21 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday – Shy"

Oh how sensual. You can sense the love. Great flasher

Nice! Recovery is a long process, but they can get there.

Oh, I just want to cuddle the poor Barry. At least he has someone to help him. Great post, sad but full of hope!

Excellent!! The emotional context is wonderful!

I loved it. Very touching:) xo

Awe, how sweet. It was very touching. I loved it.

so sweet, you can feel the pain, embarrassment but mostly the love.

Love the sentiment, affection and support here. Nicely done!

Sometimes it’s not the scars from the physical abuse that last the longest, it’s the emotional scars that take so long to heal. Nicely done.

Just beautiful, babe… just beautiful x

Awww, I felt the love coming from this one. Beautiful post.

Great six. Its a testament of true love when someone still sees you as beautiful despite scars, age or illness. Good work.

Sounds like they have a wonderful connection, and he’s going to need it to heal his spirit.

lovely post. Chock full of emotion.

Well done

Aww poor Barry. I’d give him a hug. Great intense FFF.

I could feel his despair and sorrow. Excellent post!

Oh wow…you got me rubbing my eyes – his angst is right in my face…but Charlie is right – his true beauty is not where the naked eye can see…wonderful! ❤ this one!

Love how much emotion you evoked in this. Fabulous FFF!

Wow this runs the gammut of emotion. Love it!

Tender and emotional. I hope Barry drops his guard enough to receive the love and healing that Charlie seems to be offering him. He’s a keeper for sure!

Aw, he does look like he would have a beautiful spirit!

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