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Saturday Sip – Smooth Like Latte

Posted on: January 14, 2012

Good morning.

  Wow, this muse is exhausted. My characters from Smooth Like Latte have been working this gal to the bone. I’m taking a little rest once I edit this since I have more edits coming on my first MMF coming as well as finishing Trois in Treble.

My book Smooth Like Latte ended up being 35k plus, obviously, my characters really connected and I’m sure there will be more added when I pick it up in like a week.

Here is the revised blurb:

Brendan Walsh, the CEO of Walsh Financial Corporation is melancholy and in need of some joy in his life. Due to his father’s expectations of him as the president he spends a lot of time running the business instead of enjoying himself. One morning before he retreats to his office he sees a hot and hunky guy behind the counter, making coffee and decides to speak with him. He asks the gorgeous man to make a machiatto latte for him and he does it so well he leaves a large tip and his number for him to contact, not knowing if h’s gay.


That hunk. Latte takes the number and wants nothing more than to sweet talk his new friend into bed or possibly more. What moves will he have to put on to get through and will Brendan fall for him as he wants?

That’s just a sample. Of course when I go through it again, It’ll be more of a synopsis. I’m floored by how much came out of this. I was thinking 25k. I ended up with 11k more. *snort* Anyway, here goes a little sip for you. It’s first draft so it most likely will change when it goes to my beta. 😉

In this scene we meet my muse, Latte, pictured as model Marcus Patrick

“Here you go iced coffee with a little extra sugar for one of my favorite customers.” Latte showed the pearly whites and gave the young lady, Lucinda her morning coffee.

Lucinda smiled and winked at the barista. “Thanks, Latte. When you gon’ call me, hon? I gave you my number.”

The worker continued pouring the milk in the container for his next order. “Um, girl, I told ya’ I most likely wasn’t gonna use it but you pushed it on me anyway. No disrespect but I don’t socialize outside of work with my customers.” Latte stirred the next cup of coffee.

Lucinda smacked her lips, moved down a little, and grabbed a stirrer from the side table. “Latte, I know what you told me but, why you always makin’ a girl feel good when you don’t have no intentions on doin’ anything more. You a tease!”

“I’m not, Luci. I told you and some of these other ladies from the get go. I don’t date where I work at, okay? I been burned by that in the past. Hey, ya’ll can’t just take a man being nice to you without thinkin’ he’s flirtin’?”

“Obviously,” his coworker Frankie chimed in. “You ain’t learned jack since you been up here, Latte. Women in Chicago is mighty different from women in the south.”

Latte cocked an eyebrow and ignored him. Actually, he knew what Frankie said was true. Hell, people in general were different here than they were down there. Being a transplanted Chicagoan, he noticed this from the first day he arrived over two years ago but he really didn’t want to hurt the girl’s feelings and tell her the truth.

Besides, he wasn’t her business anyway. This was a coffee shop and he was only doing his job.

“Yeah, yeah, well anyway, Luci, like I said, I told you on that first day I don’t get down like that, alright? You have a good day now, ya’ hear?”

Luci smiled sweetly and poured creamer in her cup. “Alright Latte, I know you like me but you just don’t wanna show it in front of all these people. That’s okay tho’.” She switched and winked in his direction. “I’ll see you later.”

Latte shook his head and handed the cup to his next customer. “There you go, thanks for comin’ in.” He’d already moved on to the next order because he was just that fast. For some of his favorite people he memorized what they wanted in their drinks, and most of the time, he did it better than Frankie or even the manager Cathy who marveled at his mind. Because of this, a lot of Cathy’s Coffee Corner customers asked for only Latte to make their beverages, which often meant the line was all the way out the door. Although it seemed to be a pain in the ass most would wait because they wanted their caffeinated drinks made just right. In their minds, nobody could make a morning coffee better than Latte.

“Hey Miss Thang. Latte with a double shot of espresso with a tinge of sugar comin’ up. How you doin?”

“I’m fine Latte, and you?” Miss Thang, known as Belinda set a batch of folders down on the side table and leaned against it giving Latte the seductive stare.

Latte moved with precision, pouring the milky concoction in the blender. “I’m good lady. Business good?”

“Oh definitely. Doin’ well this quarter. When are you going to take me up on my offer, Latte?”

Another one. 

Latte kept working and ignored the advance. These women really liked him, especially Miss Belinda and Lucinda who’d propositioned him more than once. Again, he just couldn’t bring himself to be mean and tell them to back off since he liked men.

Why can’t a hot man come in here and sweep me off my feet?

Latte placed the top on the machine and sighed, “Belinda…”

“Ahhh nope, don’t wanna here the excuses Latte.” Belinda held up her hands and shook her head.” She stopped and took her cup from him. “I only want to hear, yes, Latte. You’re such the tease? Being so nice to women, stringing them along, and disappointing them…” Belinda clicked her teeth while stirring her beverage.

“I think I told you how I felt from the beginning Miss Thang but you chose to ask me anyway.” Latte really wanted to tell her what was on his mind but he didn’t like being disrespectful and as in the situation with Lucinda, it wasn’t her business anyway. He was a coffee barista, it was part of his job to be nice and make people happy. Why couldn’t the horny women who came in here every day understand that?

Maybe I should just stop talking all together.

Hope you liked, please visit Michael’s to see his sip for this week.




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