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Flash Fiction Friday

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Good morning! Here is my sexy little FFF post. Hope you like it. I really adore this picture!

“Sexy, Sexy, lady! I love how you’re working that dress. Those curves are just, wow!” Jay kept flattering Virginia repeatedly. She wondered if and when he’d finally notice she had more to offer than just the “momma figure” he could come to when he needed comfort. Virg wanted more from Jay than that.

How about some love and romance, a walk on the beach, a candlelight dinner? Virg knew she was more of a woman than Jay’s no good girlfriend, Jada would ever be.

“I know you do, Jay. Come a lil’ closer so you can feel a REAL woman!”

Hope you enjoyed. I do love a curvy and confident female! All my heroines when I write them are just like Virg!

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20 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday"

Virg will get Jada’s man… she knows how to work it, girl. Great job, Shar!

I like the combination of poignancy of Virg wanting him and not quite breaking through yet and her confidence that she could make him happier. Deep for only 100 words. Well done.

I really loved this piece. Very engaging and filled with so much promise.

Oh wow! Hot or what?

Oh I do so love your spunk lady!

you go Virg!! the good friend role is not for you and you know it. And Jay is about to know it too…
Great post 🙂

Not sure Jay really deserves Virg- he seems kind of shallow- Great post!

Lovely post Chicky. I hope Jay wises up.

Oozing confidence and man-eater! Nice one, Rawiya! 🙂

Love her confidence. Nicely done.

Gotta love a confident woman with bold curves. 😉 Nice post.

Women with curves are much sexier than skinny bitches. My man loves soft. He’s rock hard, but when he presses up against a woman he wants to feel soft. sigh.


Purrrrrr. Yes! Loved your FFF!

Virginia is a lot of woman and not for the faint of heart. Let’s hope ole Jay is “up” to the challenge. Loved it.

Sounds like Jada’s got a little competition. 😉

amazing how many guys relegate themselves to dating the skinny, so called beautiful women, even if they are rotten to the core. it’s time he wised up and had a genuine woman, nice FFF

Very nice!! 🙂

Love this one’s personality..Virg is a very naughty woman…lol.

Love her confidence! And I love your style! I so enjoyed this one. Fabulous FFF.

As a lover of curvy gals I have to say Virg is just lovely! I agree with Lee I’m not sure Jay deserves her.

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