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  Good morning. Welcome to Rawiya’s. I’m happy to have on, erotica romance writer, Liz Borino who write’s m/m and m/f for an interview. Let’s hear what she has to say.


How long have you been writing?


All of my life. However, I’ve been published since December 1, 2010.


What made you decide that you wanted to put yourself out there to publish?


I wrote a story, which I believed deserved to be read. I hoped people would meet these characters and fall in love the way I had. Maybe their story would touch someone.


Before you started, had you done any fanfiction? If so, what fandom?


Yes, a very long time ago. I think I was 10 or 11 and I wrote a combination of Hanson and Roswell. That’s all the details you’re getting.


Are you in agreement that writing fanfiction is a great way to practice ones craft, why or why not? Sure, the characters are already in place.


Since you write, m/m, m/f, do you find it difficult to switch back and forth? No, for me it’s more about who the characters are and their personalities. My boys are very distinct so there’s not much focus on switching.


What is your opinion on the “chicks with dicks” analogy? In your opinion, is it wrong for your males to be emotional or romantic?


No, not at all. People forget that men can be sensitive and it doesn’t make them less of men. What woman, or man for that matter, would choose a man who refused to show emotions?

Your first published book? Expectations, the first in the Taylor Twins series.


I’m of the opinion that erotica doesn’t have to be real all the time to make a good story, what are your thoughts?


Real? No, but believable, yes. For me, a hero that’s too demanding or domineering is a real turn off. A man who thinks he gets last say on the virtue of his penis won’t get very far with this feminist. Yes, I know that’s an unpopular view.


What are you working on now?


The Test, which is the fourth book in the Taylor Twins’ series. And the first book in the m/m erotica novella series, Ben’s Life, entitled Action.


When creating your characters, do you have models in mind or are they totally fictional?


Little bit of both.


If you write gay romance or erotica, just how descriptive are you in their sex scenes?


I used to focus on emotion, but as the series progressed I got more comfortable showing their physicality and pleasures.


Recently, a writer sabotaged her career by answering a bad review on a blog. How would you have handled this and do you think authors should answer their reviews?


I answer positive reviews and as for negative reviews, well I have friends I vent to. That’s the best way to stay professional.


Do you think it’s important as a writer of both to do your research on the genre you are least familiar with? Yes.

What do you enjoy most about writing in the genre you don’t do as often? Ex if an m/f writer, would do you like about m/m?

I like m/f only because I understand the sex scenes better. I can use inspiration from my own life for my m/f couple.



Do you write under a different pename because you switch? I never write under a pen name. I may someday regret that.


What’s it like talking to family or friends about writing romance and or erotica? I generally don’t. I come from a conservative family.


Have you ever thought about doing a ménage story? If so tell us why and your idea?


I actually wrote one. It’s called “Jesse” and it appears in the anthology Indulgence


For you, what works in promotions?


Fan promotion works best to sell books in my opinion.


Do you think we should be held accountable for the pictures and or covers we post on social media ie Facebook when we promo? Why or why not? Yes, if we post it we should be responsible.


Do you have any advice you could give to new writers?


Listen to others, consider their opinion, but more than anything consider your characters and story first.

Fun Questions


Boxers or Briefs?  Boxers.


What celebrity man or woman do you wish you could have but can’t? I have a thing for Colin Farrell. Love that Irish accent.

Give me a sweet romantic scene off the top of your head in 5 sentences or less.


He brushed the hair from her face. Their lips met, slowly at first, but as the passion built he let go of the control. This was where he was meant to be, right in her arms.


The character in one of your books that you identify with? Ally

Chocolate or Vanilla? Combo

Bubble bath or shower? Shower

Lights on or off? On

Favorite way to relax. Don’t say write! I enjoy watching House

What is one sentence to sum up (Your Name?) Liz is a romantic who gives all the good stories to her characters.


Expectations depicts the struggle between what we desire for ourselves and our familiar obligations. This is personified by Chris and Matt Taylor, identical twins who are trying to win their overbearing father’s approval and acquire their trust funds. Their best friend and roommate, Aiden O’Boyle, left his family behind in Ireland to pursue a career in dance.

Robert Taylor, Matt and Chris’s father has set certain conditions that must be met in order for them to receive their trust funds. Matt must work at a job he hates while struggling with alcoholism. Chris has to deny his own desires and deep love for Aiden, to get married to Matt’s girlfriend. All the while, their father continues to use extreme measures to ensure his sons’ compliance. Will they learn to lean on each other and discover their strength or succumb to their father’s will? Amazon

What Money Can’t Buy

What Money Can’t Buy, the sequel to Expectations, finds the two couples, Chris and Aiden and Matt and Carley, eagerly anticipating parenthood. However, their personal struggles continue. Though Matt overcame his dependency on alcohol, new temptations present themselves. And with Carley on bed rest, these temptations put a greater strain on their relationship. Chris continues to deal with issues regarding his father. These issues increase with greater proximity. When tragedy strikes, the best and worst in everyone is revealed. Can they stick together, or will their reactions tear them apart? Amazon

Gifts from the Past

Following Expectations and What Money Can’t Buy, the third novel in the Taylor Twins series, Gifts from the Past, finds the twins, Chris and Matt Taylor, immersed in the greatest challenges of their lives—parenthood. Chris and Aiden are raising their adopted daughter and their special needs son, who struggles with physical and emotional challenges daily. Matt, on the other hand, has a beautiful and happy baby girl. However, his fiancée, Carley, has gone from overemotional to abusive and Matt needs to decide his best course of action. When Ally, Chris’s college girlfriend, comes back into the twins’ lives, everything becomes complicated. Especially for Matt.

Gifts from the Past is a novel redefining love, family, loyalty, and ultimately survival. Amazon

Good morning!


When you read something new, do you have a preference for short or long stories? I know sometimes when I read, I like a short and tantalizing read to enjoy before bed. Or maybe when you’re traveling and are on public transportation, in a cab, or just relaxing in your room you might pick up something short.


For writers, a lot of them are short story artists, sometimes never going over a certain word count or if they do write a long novel length it isn’t very often. Besides that, perhaps the author is a newbie and still developing their craft. That’s where you’d put me and the fellow muses.


As we learn more from editors and fellow writers all the releases have either been in an anthology with other authors or short stories below one hundred pages. Is there anything wrong with this? In my opinion, no. When sitting down to write a story especially when you’re a panster, the characters might only have so much to tell. Other times however, the story needed more and we didn’t recognize till after it was done.


I know this has happened to other writers too and they have either decided to feed their muse or characters with a full book like Michael is doing with True Meaning of Love and Vertigo or you can turn it into a series like what BL is doing in You Don’t Ask. Hers has more characters though that all have their own stories. Sure that might’ve been able to be released all in one book but something tells me it works better as standalones.


Either way, the author must do the job to tell the complete story. Did the characters achieve their goal and did we satisfy them and the person who might read it. Hopefully so with whatever way we decided to write the story.


Still, I enjoy a quick read especially a collection of them to find authors I’m not familiar with. Is there any shorts under 100 pages you’ve enjoyed. Leave your thoughts.

Here’s a sample from my short to come from Naughty Nights Press. My first sole novella, Time to Make the Donuts. 2nd part of the SNOTM series.

Available in February at Amazon, All Romance, and Smashwords


Blurb: Andre, a customer, comes in and pays him a visit. The two lock eyes and immediately connect on a personal level. Because of this, Christopher decides to pursue when Andre passes him his card. He wonders what the young man does for a living however, he’s so smitten by him, Chris doesn’t give it much thought.


Little does the shop owner know, Andre actually works for his biggest competitor as a secret shopper and has been told to use any method necessary to find out the secrets of the shop as well as convince him to sell his shop and become part of the national chain.


When Christopher finds out, he has a surprise for Andre and deals with him in a rather humorous way. Will he trust Andre once he finds out this fact? Will he give up his shop under the pressure the well known franchise?


With the song Manic Monday by the Bangles playing on the overhead, Jesse stood behind the cashier Wanda, getting orders for customers while Christopher finished putting the third batch of donuts in the oven. The owner always felt better when the store officially opened for business making him forget about the lack of sleep he got from the night prior or the fact he’d been in the restaurant since two a.m.

He pushed the double doors open as he came from the kitchen, watching the customers lining up in front of the register. They were ready to give their morning rush orders of coffee and donuts or bagels. Others who had time sat at the long laminate counter waiting for one of the waitresses to take their requests. Bigger groups of people or those who liked to take in the atmosphere sat in booths to sample the diner’s finest delicacies. Part of the charm of Christopher’s place was it catered to everyone in some form or fashion while offering great service. Something he knew that other place could provide.

While waving at a couple of regulars, Christopher started to help Jesse bag a few orders. Unlike most owners, he always chipped in to help on the front lines regardless if it were busy or not.

Jesse smacked him on the shoulder. “Yo dude, you look like you haven’t sleep in weeks.” The husky redheaded woman poured a cup of coffee for a lady in front of her.

“Well thanks,” he frowned. “I’m still being bombarded by calls from that place to get me to sell. They won’t quit. Don’t they get the message?”

“Apparently not. They been callin’ ya at home?”

“No on the cell and all because that one girl that used to work here got employed by them. They thought by doing that, they’d be able to pick up some secrets or learn something new about me, or the restaurant. Didn’t they know I brainwash my former workers,” he laughed.

“You wish. You just don’t share anything important which is smart, now me on the other hand,” She cocked an eyebrow. “I could be an asset to someone if they swayed me to leave.”

Christopher stopped immediately and glared at her. “You’d never.”

She drew up her lips. Within seconds she guffawed and smacked him on the back pretty hard. “Babe, no, never. I’m just messin’ wicha. I’d never leave your side. I told you the day Jayson died I’d help you run the place till we couldn’t do it anymore and I meant it. You know I’m a rebel at heart. I couldn’t go anywhere and work for “the man” and feel comfortable. I ain’t wearin’ no suit and tie for nobody.”

Christopher choked a little from the slap and let out a small sigh of relief. He didn’t know what he’d do without Jesse if she left. Good thing she always had such a good sense of humor and because he liked her as his second in command, he vowed never to piss her off if he could help it. Yes, they’d had run-ins a couple of times over various decisions but he knew most of the time the two of them would come to an agreement in the end.

“Well I’m glad about that.” He straightened his tie and shrugged his shoulders. “I need you here, Jess. No bones about that. Most days, I’m not sure what I’d do without your intellect.”

She blushed and chuckled. “Aw, Christopher, I swear if I didn’t like women and you didn’t like men we’d be a match made in heaven, right?”

A woman with a baby in front of them giggled and took her bag.

Christopher sighed, “Jesse, we really need to stop talkin’ about our personal business up here, huh?”

“Yes, duly noted boss man. Sooo…maybe we should go in the back so I can ask you about the dude I hooked you up with last week.” She nodded and turned to him.

“Um, nothin’ really to tell. I’m sorry Jesse, he’s just not what I’m looking for.”

The manager rolled her eyes. “Just what the hell are you searchin’ for in a man, Chris? You gotta lower your standards just a little don’t you? Ain’t no pretty boy with money and a squeaky clean disposition comin’ into your life any time soon.”

“That might be true but, well, he just didn’t do it for me. I liked that he’s self-sufficient, he’s pretty burly which I, erm, well, I’m not into overly muscular men. He doesn’t have to be a model but he does have to be easy on the eyes.” Christopher paused, “Didn’t I just say I didn’t want to talk about my business up here?” He cocked an eyebrow.

“Oh sorry, let’s go in the back a moment then. I gotta hear the rest of this. Wanda, you okay hon, since the rush is about done?”

The younger blond nodded, “Yep, I’ll call ya’ if I need ya.”

“Great.” Jesse gripped Christopher’s shoulder. “To the back then chief to get another batch ready then, huh?”

“Yep. We’ll be back, Wanda.” Christopher went through the doors and Jesse followed him. He really enjoyed when he and Jesse could work and talk at once. Made the day go by a lot faster. If only he had something other than his seemingly desperate romantic situations to converse about.



  Good morning. Here is my Flash Fiction Friday for this week. Hope you enjoy it. 

 “Barry?” Charlie gazed at his new lover with widened eyes, admiring his beautiful body. He knew Barry had been through hell but he wanted to show him something beautiful still lie behind those scars.

“I…” Barry stuttered and refused to look at the camera. “I don’t understand what you’re trying to prove, Charlie. I’m ugly,” he cried. “They messed me up with they threw me to the ground, kicked me, and…” The tears ran down his cheeks.

Quickly, I sprinted to him and lightly kissed his lips. “No you’re not, babe. They haven’t taken the most important thing…your beautiful spirit.”

Hope you liked. Visit the other flashers and how they interpreted this same photo.

  Greetings fans. Welcome to Rawiya’s with a guest post. Today I have Anne Holly here on the blog with an informational post. Anne is a fellow writer of my snarky sis, BL at Rebel Ink. Let’s give her your undivided attention. 

Being Him for the Holidays


A Guest Post by Anne Holly


In 2011, I wrote a series of five holiday erotic romances for Rebel Ink Press. They all featured mismatched couples on a different holiday (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day). One was paranormal, one a cowboy story, one a cougar romance, one a glitzy soup, and one was a comedy, so the series is something of a little subgenre sample pack. One of the greatest challenges, and risks, was two of them, Halloween and Valentine’s Day, were written from the male POV.


When one writes “from a POV,” it means that you choose which characters the reader will see through the eyes of, either for a scene or the whole book. That character’s perspective, ideas, knowledge and understanding will control what the reader gets to see, hear, know, etc.


Normally, I write novels from the POV of both the hero and the heroine, alternating, because I always hated how traditional romance novels never let you see through the heroes’ eyes. For me, this significantly reduces the romance of the story, since the male character, being all steely and manly (as they always were in the old novels), may as well have been a piece of furniture for all we knew of him. We only saw, and interpreted, his actions through the eyes of the heroine, who was often distraught – being so delicate (read: panicky) and feminine, as they always were.

In shorter works, however, there really is little room to spare if you also want to develop at least two characters and a plot, as well as delineate a setting. So, these holiday stories all had to have a single POV character. In three of them, I chose the female leads, as they were the ones entering the new environment, or the ones with the emotional back story upon which the romance centered. But, in Like Magic and V-Day, it was on the male characters that the stories depended. So, I embarked on a journey of gender-risk.


To be clear, the risk was not in tapping into my inner-male (since I am not an advocate of traditional gender divisions, at all, and have never really been defined all that much by my sex or gender). Rather, the risk was whether or not I would write characters that would appeal to women readers, as well as pass the believability for male readers. Often, one hears the complaint that male characters written by women writers are “chicks with dicks,” and aren’t true to male experience. While I find this concern conservative in its narrow view of masculinity, as if there is only one way to be masculine, it was an issue I wanted to keep in mind in order to produce realistic male characters gendered within North American society. Further, I admit I was worried if female readers (the key demographic for m/f erotic-romance) would accept male/female romance told from the male POV, when it is far more traditional to tell such stories from either both perspectives or through only the heroine’s eyes.


Well, so far the reviews have been good, and I recently heard from a male reader who embraced my Valentine’s Day book quite enthusiastically, specifically noting how realistic it seemed. I gave a sigh of relief.


Writing from the male POV, despite these risks, also has an enjoyable side. For one thing, I find it comes more naturally to me than from the female POV, since romance heroines tend to be more feminine than I could be if you dipped me in estrogen and threw me into a vat of mascara. Further, I find the internal male life, in the American context of repression, to be intriguing. When you write from the female POV, you miss out on a lot of male emotion, simply because most male characters would not feel free to express the variety of their feelings. When writing in the male POV, this issue is resolved, and you have the fun of contrasting what they do and say with what they feel.


Finally, part of my fun in writing these stories is seated in subtly sneaking in bits of subversive, non-traditional masculinities. In fact, in V-Day, the hero Daniel, a violin prodigy, laments the way the women around him to find him “too nice” to view romantically, and shakes his head at their desire for big, silent gorillas who treat them like crap. I don’t think this is at all abnormal; I know several guys who are always lumped into the “friends” category because they are genuinely nice, considerate guys, and are passed over for alpha-male bad boys – who, let’s face it, might be a lot more attractive on paper than they are for romantic partners in real life. Perhaps it’s time for the nice guys to rule the day.


So, yes, there were risks, but I had a great time writing these stories and the chances seem to have paid off. I suspect I will do more male POV stories.


And I’m pleased I had a shot at turning those strong silent types on their ears.



For more information about my Valentine’s Day erotic romantic comedy, V-Day, please see my holiday stories website: http://annehollyholiday.webs.com/valentinesdaytales.htm




Anne Holly is a Canadian writer of romance and erotic-romance, as well as a mother and teacher. You may visit Anne at her blog or website, or find her on GoodReadsFacebook and Twitter  (@anneholly2010). Sign up for her newsletter here. Email: anneholly2010@gmail.com.




Thanks Anne for stopping by and folks, I’m at her blog today http://anneholly.blogspot.com/ with BL for an interview. Also, me and BL are at TRS with our latest releases. Please stop by and join us.  

  Greetings. Welcome to Rawiya’s today. I’m handing over my blog to wicked snarky sis again to talk about the musical inspiration behind her m/m/m/m cowboy romance, Taming Wild Horses.  Please give her you attention.

Hey folks!

BL here with another post about music that gets me in the mood or, actually to write. Now, as everyone knows I’m a metal gal. Love it all from the howls and growls to the screeching guitars, I just love this type of music.

Now, when writing a Cowboy story, you’d think I’d turn on a little country music. o.0

Nothing against you country music fans but I just can’t. However, I can turn on some metal or even rock with the country twang feel. 😉

The story of Taming is basically about a wounded cowboy who was thrown from his horse during a trick riding competition and almost lost his life. He and his partner are having “issues” sexually with his man fearing he’d hurt him and at the same time my MC is getting blue balls. *snort*

Now as per usual, there’s a lot of tension involved and some hot sex. There are two other characters coming as well so be prepared. lol This used to be Michael’s story but the snark and the tension was more my deal.

So back to the music? Some Bon Jovi, Pantera for the country angst, Hell Yeah, DamagePlan, Sevendust for starters. Lamb of God and Devildriver even.

One song I think of in particular is one of my Bon Jovi’s faves.


It’s always been a fave of mine and it gets me writing. That’s as close to country as I’ll get… lol

Look for it to be finished in the next few weeks and hopefully picked up by my pub. Won’t tell ya which one. 😉


  Good morning!

Welcome to another titillating Tuesday pic. 

  I love beautiful homoerotica pictures. This one is very subtle. A male couple on the beach, both tattooed, in jeans without a care in the world. They look like they’re enjoying their time alone too. 

Very inspirational picture.


  Good morning! Here is a little promo from Xakara on her next story!


Greetings, Kittens!


I’ve written my first straight-ish menage and it’ll be coming to you all just in time for Valentine’s Day. I’m one of four authors contributing to the LOVE NOTES anthology with Musa Publishing. ITS SWEETESTFORMis the story of Eaton, Brahm and Tessa, a vampire, werewolf and psychic medium who share a loft and a love for each other that finally finds a way to bloom under pressure.


My third Therian release pays partial homage to aBBC/SyFy show, but the similarities stop at being roommates. Sorry if I got your hopes up. *Grin* Here’s the official blurb for LOVE NOTES and an excerpt to give you a taste of the MFM menage ITS SWEETESTFORM.





The magic of words on paper and lovers meeting again and again.


Love is never a lost cause, and sometimes all it takes is a few    special words written down to make all the difference in the world.    Wayward cupids, lonely vampires, long-lost loves, and mysterious    strangers come together in this collection sure to warm your heart    and steam up your screen. Read our Love Notes from cover to    cover, and then maybe write a few letters of your own!




Tessa draped her leg over Brahm’s hip. “Not that I’m ignoring the side commentary,

which is highly entertaining, and I plan to come back to it later, but on the topic at hand. With my leg here, and your hands wherever you need them to be, where are your legs in this position?”

A bit of unnecessary rubbing and vicarious thrills later and Brahm gave up. “I have no idea. This position doesn’t lend itself to dual penetration well. I mean it’s not impossible, but it’s shallow even one-on-one. If he’s already inside of you at this point, the best I could do with your leg right here is watch your faces as he rode you from behind.” He looked at Eaton against his will and quickly looked away.

“If you wanted a penetration scene in this position, we’d have to put your leg higher.” Brahm lifted her leg up towards his shoulder. “Then I could come under enough to thrust. But ideally,” he laid her leg across his mid-back. “You’d give me your weight a little, without coming fully forward.”

“I get it,” Eaton said. He came up, braced on his left arm and put his right hand on her hip. “I could thrust from this position without coming out and still be gentle. I can do it without putting too much weight on either of you.”

“Awesome.” Tessa brought her leg down and turned enough to look at Eaton.

“Okay, so then is this the position the two of you would choose?” She looked to

Brahm. “Does it feel natural?”

“I guess.” Eaton shrugged. “I think it works for the scene.”

Tessa sighed. “Don’t guess, answer personally.” She scooted up and looked at Brahm. “If this was the three of us, is this the position you’d want the first time you were both inside of me?”

Brahm swallowed and smiled. “Can I plead the fifth?”

“No,” They said in unison.

Eaton sat up. “Why would you need to plead the fifth? Are we about to get to your ish that you haven’t told me about?”

“Yeah, shut up.” Brahm kissed Tessa’s forehead. “I do this for you alone.” He rearranged them all with his back to the headboard, Tessa straddled over his lap, and Eaton kneeling behind her. “This is what I’d want if it were us. It has advantages.”

He put his hands under her thighs and casually lifted her, the way shifters pretended to never notice they were doing. “Eats, put your legs over mine. Wait, not with the jeans.”

Eaton left the bed, shed his jeans and returned to his place in shy of a blur.

“Where do you want me exactly?”

It took an extra mental breath before Brahm could answer without laughing.

“Slide your legs over mine. Let me know if you need room behind me.”

It took a second or two of adjustment and Eaton nodded. “I need just a little space.”

Brahm put one arm around both of them and shifted them all forward.

“Pssh.” Eaton shook his head. “Now you’re just showing off.”

He was showing off. “I can’t help it. It’s the Wolf me in. You show me you can dematerialize clothes, I show you I can bench press our combined weight, we both hope we’ve impressed the girl. Alpha behavior at its best.”

Eaton laughed. “I thought Tessa trained all of the alpha behavior out of us?”

“Excuse me,” she said. “Leaving the seat up is not alpha behavior, it’s just rude.”

“She’s right,” Brahm agreed. “And speaking of rude, we’re supposed to be focusing on helping.”

“No,” Tessa said. “This is good. The side banter makes it easier, right? It feels more natural, so it’s comfortable. Speaking of which — ” she grabbed the pillow beside them “ — you need this behind you to close the gap.”

“Yes, comfort and advantages. Let’s see.” He reached back and adjusted the pillows. “Okay, so like this I can adjust my angle of thrust.” He slipped his arms around her. “I have access to either hold you close or to lean back and touch your face and breasts.” He put his hands on her hips and nodded when Eaton did the same. “You can control the depth and speed, or relax and let us move you between us. All three of us can reach your clit without impeding moment. If I lean back and I can watch myself move inside you.”

He closed his eyes and mentally counted the length of his breaths. “I can feel Eaton moving and stay in rhythm with him.” He ran his hands from Eaton’s legs, to her hips and back again. “I can signal him with my hands on his legs for the moments when I’m not thinking enough in words to speak.” He opened his eyes and smiled through the sudden crush of feeling vulnerable and naked in saying it all out loud. “I can watch your faces. I can see the impact of when I move or choose to hold still. I can read the micro expressions that come before the sounds and the next thrust.”

Eaton let out a shaky breath. “That’s…detailed.”



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