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Happy New Year to Everyone! Get ready for 2012 from the Author, Sharita Lira

Posted on: December 31, 2011

   Good morning everyone! 

What a year it’s been. Being a writer has had its ups and downs but I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. So much has happened in this the first full year of me being an author and more is to come for next year. 

This year I made a goal to have 20 acceptances and 3 of them be sole author books.  Well I did better than that. I had 22 acceptances and 4 sole author books released in 2011. 2 from Michael and 2 from BL.

Next year I have 9 books coming out, 7 of them have a release month only 1 has an actual date. I also plan to do to at least 2 self pubbed books. One for Valentines day and the other at Halloween. Only because I’d like to see how it goes and its another way of people getting to know me. 

I also plan to do more free reads on the blogs as well as on Smashwords too. I don’t have any acceptance goals this year simply because I’d like to concentrate on doing longer works for all the names. Right now, the longest works belong to Michael with 30k plus from Vertigo and almost 50k from True Meaning. Rawiya has a couple in the works that will be upwards of 30 but need edits and BL has one, You Don’t Ask, the first book of her novel series out in February.

I’ve had success with the shorts but in just taking a look at the market, a novel is what fans like more than shorts so I need to adjust. Also hot right now is menage. Rawiya loves doing the MMF and we’ll continue to do that. I also have a couple of hetero stories, one for BL and Rawiya has one on the docket, an emotional read with passion that I hope to do as well.

Seriously the only number goal is have is doing 40k per month. I’ve done that basically every month this year, in Aug I did 80. 😉 Even this month, I’ve did about 37 and I doubt I’ll make 40 by midnight but considering I took almost half the month off that was awesome.

Coming up, i’ve got 2 novellas to do. One for Rawiya, book 3 in the Something New Series and  Michael’s Under the Gun. I also have several works to edit, including True Meaning 2 which I gave my lovely beta a break but will get back on it next week.

So much to do but I’m looking forward to it. I’d like to stay on top of things and become a better writer. That’s the plan. 

Happy new year everyone and if you’re a writer, share your goals for 2012. 

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