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Saturday Sip Free Read Baby Its Cold Outside

Posted on: December 24, 2011

  Good morning!

Merry Xmas Eve. Here’s a little free read that;s actually posted on Every Night Erotica where a lot of my stories are. Click the link above to find one. 

  This is one of my faves and perfect since it’s winter.


Baby Its Cold Outside



“Roger, Roger…I don’t think you should be going in tonight, hun. There is a blizzard coming.”  I said, looking at the weather report.


“Why Shanna, what’s up,” he answered from the bedroom.


“Did you see that there may be five to ten inches falling tonight? I would say that you need to stay home, plus its freezing.”


“Babe, I think I’ll be alright, yeah?”


I frowned at that last response. Roger is so manly, thinking he is above anything. Not only that, I really wanted to spend some time alone. We had spent the majority of our holiday with family and our close friends. Christmas was always crazy since we had to travel to England to see his folks and Chicago to see mine. I really needed my man to keep me warm, money was not all that important.


I called back to him. “Why don’t you just stay home with me? That can’t be so bad, right?


Roger chuckled, leaving out of the bedroom into the living area as I quickly turned off the television. After kissing me, “Not at all, love, but if I don’t go in this evening it may mean issues later on.”


My gaze met my husband’s. “What does that mean?”


Roger took a seat next to me. “Well, my boss is an idiot. He does not take too kindly to excuses.”


“Even ones where it is not safe to drive,” I asked.


“Well, who said that? You saw a weather advisory, big deal. People still have to travel even in the nastiest weather. Love, we are both from places where the temperatures and snowfall are ridiculous. I’ll make it…” He pecked me on the head before going back in the room.


‘Roger does not need to go in tonight…’


I waited on the couch, thinking of another way to get my man to stay here. “I could give a shit if his boss doesn’t like it…BABY…”


“If you insist on going in, I’ll go on and get the car warmed up for ya…”

“That’s nice, but you don’t…”

“No, I insist,” I answered back. I walked fast to the coat rack, putting on my coat while going out. It really was cold outside; the snow was at least four inches. My man was such a trooper, he hated to miss work. Tonight though, he would not get there if I could help it.

After trouncing through a patch of snow, I took the shovel out of the garage. With all my might, I started putting the white stuff in front of the tires. “He can’t go if he can’t move…ughh…” I struggled making sure the car was trapped in. Roger had left the car out the garage so mine could be there. He always said we needed a bigger one, but we have not gotten around to that yet.

After packing the white menace in around the wheels, I opened the vehicle so I could pop the hood. I knew how to disconnect a couple of wires so my man could not get that car started and since mine was a little low on gas, he would not chance taking the long drive.

“Let’s see,” I said to myself, “If I…”

“Shanna…” I was startled by the voice of my hunky husband. “What’cha doin’ babe?”

I turned to him, in shock. “Uh well, I…”

Roger grinned, “Hon, what were you doing to the car? And I could have sworn that I shoveled this car out a bit ago…”

“Um…well, yeah but…” I struggled for words, I had been caught red-handed.

Roger held me close to him, gripping my thighs with his large gloved hands. “Sweetie, were you trying to get me to stay here?”

“Maybe…” I grinned, biting my lip.

He laughed before planting a light peck on my lips. “I love you, you know that? I swear…if you are willing to sabotage my car then I guess I will not worry about my boss…”

I drew up my lips to a smirk. “Good.”

Once he said that, I knew that I had won this one, getting my lover to stay in instead of braving the elements. Our agreement was sealed with a kiss along with some groping that I thoroughly enjoyed.  After he pushed the hood back down, he grabbed me again, enveloping my lips while taking off his gloves.

“I don’t need these…” he dropped the large Thinsulates onto the car. “Do you mind if I get a little frisky with you, baby?”

I smiled, looking into his eyes. “Not at all, lover…”

Roger nodded while pulling down my sweatpants. I was not wearing any long johns or underwear, so the moment that air hit, I felt the chill. He dipped two fingers into my sopping wet pussy.  “This will keep me warm…but, how about inside the car.”

Again, I chuckled before he covered my mouth with his. “Oh baby…”

“Mhmm…you are amazing, Misses Shanna McIntyre. There is nothing I want more than to be stuck at home with you.”


“Yep, let me call Mister Ferry. I’m not gonna make it in because it’s way too cold to be leaving my baby at home.”


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