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Flash Fiction Friday 1

Posted on: December 16, 2011

Greetings! Here is my first Flash Fiction Friday. I’m so excited to doing this pic because as soon as I saw it I was inspired. What is Flash Fiction? Using the pic to tell a story in 100 words. Wow, what a challenge. Ready? Hope you like.

Chad studied the lovely body leaning against the wall, trying his best not to drool. Wow! His standby, Alex, in his apartment, teasing him mercilessly while giving him something to think about in the process.

 “Hot, sexy, motha…” he mouthed, gripping his own manhood. His eyes matched the bulge in his boxers as he watched Alex finger his own taut nipples. Pink and perky just waiting to be licked. 

 How the hell can I say no?

Chad’s breath caught in his chest. He sensed his hard cock making a mess down below. “God, maybe I should give us another try.”

Hope you liked that impromptu fic. I see a bunny rearing its cute head from this. Check out the other flash authors:

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Also, don’t forget to check out BL’s with the Stuff Your Stocking Blog Hop

18 Responses to "Flash Fiction Friday 1"

This was sexy as all hell! Loved it!

welcome to FFF, great first post.

oh very sexy!!! I love it
that’s an awesome first post!!

Revisited romance, very nice take on the image. Nice job 😉

Very nice. I loved it and you popped your FFF cherry rather nicely.

mmm sexy. Loved it

Loved it. Maybe they’ll have better luck the second time around.

nice post, Sharita!

Do it, Chad! If only for posterity’s sake, you might even get something more out of it. Hotness for a first post Sharita! 😉

Yes, yes, yes. Give him another try!!! So hot and sexy! Great FFF!

Wow this was really sexy! Loved it!

Very sexy, Shar.I loved your spin 🙂

You gooo girl, you’re not a FFF virgin anymore. Hmm, maybe Chad can get Alex to do something about that mess he made. Welcome to the club, this a hot first FFF and it even has a touch of romance too. Outstanding.

ohhhhh steamy… he needs to re-think that label “standby”…lol…

Hot and sexy…loved it. A great teaser.

Nice interpretation! Great post.

Fantastic First post! So glad you joined the group!!

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