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Weekend Dirty Dozen – Trois in Treble

Posted on: December 10, 2011

Good morning!

 Here is my Weekend Dirty Dozen from my MMF Interracial WIP, Trois in Treble that I’e worked on for month and is almost complete. This is my female star, Dina Kirkland. (JoAnn Strauss former Miss South Africa Pictured)

Setup: Dina Kirkland is getting ready for her performance and has walked out her dressing room, bumping into someone special that catches her eyes.

Rafael walked by, patting his friend on the shoulder, on his way to the washroom. He removed his Blackberry from his pocket, giggling at a text message he’d gotten from an old friend.

Not looking, he bumped into someone, causing him to drop the phone. “Oh shit, sorry.” Immediately, he bent to pick it up, noticing the pair of legs that stuck out from underneath that dress. His eyes roamed the size and shape as well as the light brown color that reminded him of a fresh cup of latte’.

When he finally straightened, their eyes met, causing more than a disturbance in his groin. “I’m so sorry.”

She held out her hand, grinning, “It’s perfectly okay, no biggie. Whatever’s on screen must’ve been pretty entertaining.”

“Well, yeah, uh, ahem, I’m Rafael, Rafael Preston.”

“Dina Kirkland…nice to meet you.”

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Hopefully, I’ll be done with this one soon. 😀

Check out the sip to read more.

6 Responses to "Weekend Dirty Dozen – Trois in Treble"

Love these chance meetngs—but what the hell was the amusing text???? I need to know

Great WDD

Love the way they met and the way he checks her out. Sweet with the promise of more to come. Nicely done!

Rawiya, I love your work! Especially when you do encounters, it’s totally hot! Great Dozen homegyrl!

Ah the moment they first meet is always a good one 🙂

This is the kind of beginning of a story that brings me to the point, I must read more. I agree; what was the text message?

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