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Saturday Sips – Trois in Treble

Posted on: December 10, 2011

Good morning.

  Here is more from Trois in Treble.

Rafael walked by, patting his friend on the shoulder, on his way to the washroom. He removed his Blackberry from his pocket, giggling at a text message he’d gotten from an old friend.

Not looking, he bumped into someone, causing him to drop the phone. “Oh shit, sorry.” Immediately, he bent to pick it up, noticing the pair of legs that stuck out from underneath that dress. His eyes roamed the size and shape as well as the light brown color that reminded him of a fresh cup of latte’.

When he finally straightened, their eyes met, causing more than a disturbance in his groin. They exchanged smiles. “That’s okay. Hi.”

“Well, um, hello.” Rafael showed his almost perfect teeth, moistening his lips. “Uh, um, sorry about that, I…”

She held out her hand, grinning. “It’s perfectly okay. No biggie. Whatever’s on screen must’ve been pretty entertaining.”

“Well, yeah, uh. Ahem.” Rafael cleared his throat. “I’m Rafael, Rafael Preston.” He held out his hand.

She accepted. “Dina Kirkland…nice to meet you.”

Rafael bowed his head slightly while shaking her palm. Dina’s hand felt so soft and warm. He wished he could so just how soft the rest of her body was. He nodded, getting himself out of a trance. “Oh the singer for tonight. What a surprise. The man at the door says you’re pretty talented.”

“Well, I suppose. Have you ever been here to see me sing?”

“No, not at all, um, this is my first time here. Never had the pleasure.” Rafael continued to hold her hand. She obliged, not letting go.

“I see, well, allow me to entertain you tonight, then. Any song you’d like me to sing?”

Rafael smiled wryly. He liked a lot of different types of music and it intrigued him that she asked him to make a request. “Uh, you know, anything by Sade would be good. I love her. She’s such a great singer.” Sade was the first that came to mind since this beautiful woman looked a lot like the sexy, sultry vocalist.

“Oh I’m a big fan of hers. I know just what I’ll do, too. Where are you sitting at?”

“Um, a little to the right. We’re two tables from the front.”

“We?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, me and my bandmate, friend, Eli. We came here to enjoy the entertainment and have a good time. We’ve had quite a day.”

“I see. Okay then, good. I know who to look at when I sing this song. Stick around afterwards, okay?”

“I’ll do that.”

Dina grinned, patting Rafael’s shoulder as she marched towards the small stage. Rafael was left, standing there, thinking of the lovely, young, woman he’d just spoken to. Those eyes, the full pair of lips he’d like to press his own against. “Damn…” The rush of warmth in his groin made him sprint to the men’s room.

* * * * *

The performer kept smiling as she approached the side of the stage behind the curtain.

Rafael was at the forefront of her thoughts right now and why wouldn’t he be. He was only the most attractive man she’d seen in a while. The gorgeous head of dark brown hair, brown eyes that matched with chiseled facial features, dimples, a body that included a nice set of arms and what looked to be a six pack that stood out through the tight shirt. He was a dreamboat, too delicious to ignore.

She licked her lips, batting her eyelashes. “Nice lookin’ man to bump into on my way up here,” she smiled, checking her watch. “And he’s in a band too. Wonder what kind?”

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