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Wind Down Wednesday Number One

Posted on: December 7, 2011

Greetings fans! Welcome to Rawiyas for a little Wind Down Wednesday.

 What is this about? This segment is for me and my guests to talk about the music that inspires them to write. Hopefully its something smooth, sensual and romantic but even if not, music does help us to wind down whether its while writing or doing anything creative or even to relax. Music frees the mind and definitely the soul.

My wind down music for this week is for my second novella from Naughty Nights Press in the Something New on the Menu series, Smooth Like Latte. Now, for those who know me, the other muses, and the “head” we all like a variety of different styles of music. Everything from classical to jazz to rock, pop, R&B, and even a little rap.

It really all depends on the mood we’re in and what the characters expect in the story.

While writing the notes for Smooth Like Latte, my m/m interracial romance, my main character Davori or “Latte” as he’s called played by the lovely man on the upper left Marcus Patrick, I listened to some R&B sort of jazzy music. In fact, Latte is a fan of that music and throughout will speak about his admiration for several R&B or jazz artists.


Now, I only have the synopsis, no actual words have been written yet but I do have a scene that continues to replay in my brain. Davori, at his job, listening to D’Angelo’s “Brown Sugar” while making coffee for the patrons. Davori knows how to sing, dance, paint, and make fabulous coffee. He’s a hit with the ladies but gay and looking for that special man.

I know Davori wants this scene so I’ll give it to him and the song denotes so much more than just his smooth disposition. Davori lets me know when singing it, he’s really singing about himself. Of course, the lyrics are for a female naturally but Davori considers himself to be too smooth and sweet to ignore.

Along with that song, there are others but I won’t tell them all right now. Just know the story will have references to quite a bit of smooth tracks to get Davori and his leading man into a romantic mood.

Here is the synopsis for book three of Something New on the Menu Smooth Like Latte

Brendan Walsh is an uptight business executive of works sun up to sun down in the heart of the Loop in downtown Chicago. Due to his relentless drive to succeed, he doesn’t really allow himself time for fun. His idea of this is sitting at home and watching his stock portfolio. Because of this he is always alone but since he’s always busy, he doesn’t allow any time to get to know anyone.


In the building where Brendan works, he meets a man by the name of Davori Jenkins, a happy go lucky guy who severs him his same cup of latte everyday just the way he likes it. Brendan appreciates it so much that he only asks for Davori to make it and when he’s off work, Brendan pisses a fit and walks out which doesn’t really endear him to Mr. Jenkins coworkers. However, Brendan continues to go back when Davori returns and the two seemingly build a friendship.


Davori likes Brendan and begins to deliver his latte to him personally up to his office in the towers with the intent to snag the hot business man for himself. All his friends say he’s barking up the wrong tree but Davori believes he’s too smooth for Brendan to ignore.


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