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Welcome Lee Sontheimer Murphy

Posted on: December 5, 2011

Good morning! Welcome to Rawiya’s.

   I’m happy to have on Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy on today to promo her newest release with an interview. Please enjoy this virtual sitdown.

How long have you been writing?

 I’ve been writing as soon as I mastered the skill of making letters.  In the fifth grade, I spent most of my time writing my “first” novel in the back of my binder and I’ve never stopped since.  My short fiction began to get accepted after college, then I had a hiatus while I married, had kids, and all that.  I began writing seriously again after my youngest started school in the fall of 2006.  I had one anthology that year – by the end of October it will be 16, mostly with short fiction.  My first novel was accepted in July 2010.

When did you decide that writing erotic fiction was for you?

I always enjoyed reading it and when I decided I would write romance, the sex scenes just began heating up.  I realized that I really enjoyed crafting such scenes and readers like them too so here we are.

Are you comfortable with writing the sex scenes?

I am now.  In the beginning, I worried “what would people think” which is rare for me because in everyday life, I’ve never been one to care much about anyone else’s opinion.  I decided that I didn’t care what neighbors, friends, the community, or even family thought about writing sex scenes.  My mother is still not very happy about it but she reads it, even though she says my scenes “embarrass” her.

Is there anything that inspires you to do these? Other books, porn…*laughs*

Well, other than that, I do like to write to music – often rock and roll.   And I do like to read it so I’m inspired and encouraged by what other writers are doing. 

Who is your biggest supporter of your career?

My husband is a big supporter and he promotes me everywhere.   My kids think it’s cool and I think it’s cool that my teen daughters aren’t embarrassed by what I write but Mom writing is pretty much their norm so they don’t get too excited.  I have a large extended family and I get a lot of support from it, especially a number of my cousins.   I have a lot of old friends too who know writing was always the dream and they are awesome in their support.

In the community, I have some strong supporters.  At my favorite local restaurant, they are so good to me – let me keep my cards and swag and promo stuff at the counter – and they respect what I do but treat me just the same.  I love that.

What do you feel about erotica suddenly becoming more mainstream? Harlequin has a line and now, Avon will have a line of erotica romance books as well.

I hope that in the 21st century people are finally getting over inhibitions about sex.  It’s a basic, natural part of life.  I learned that from my grandmother who helped raise me.  For someone born in the late 1890’s, she had a very healthy, open, and honest view of sex. 

As an author, do you feel it’s important to be part of the national writer organizations like RWA?

I do and don’t.  I’ve been part of some regional groups like Missouri Writers Guild (which requires some publication to join) and Ozark Writers League for several years.  When I can attend their meetings and conferences, there is some excellent networking.  I joined RWA earlier this year – great newsletters so far but I can’t say it’s really helped me.

What frustrates you most about being a published author?

The long, long hours I put into it, the huge amount of promotion required to keep my books out there in the public eye, and the different way people view me now.   I used to be a substitute school teacher and while some of my former students (out of school now) are reading the books and loving them, I had one girl whispering about my “dirty books”.   People I’ve known for years now look at me in a very different way, like I’m not one of them any longer.  I just want people to remember I’m the same me that I was before my novels were out there.

What genre would you like to do that you haven’t tackled yet?

In short fiction,  I’ve sold several speculative pieces that border on horror.  People liked them and it’s a different genre from romance or erotic romance.   One day I would love to try a full-length novel in that genre.


Recently, an author went after a blogger for a two star review. How would you have handled that and what is your stance on authors answering their critiques.

Over the last year, my skin has thickened.  I’ve written a local column for area papers for years and in the past took a lot of heat, a lot of negative criticism for some columns (like the one where I declared the then popular “Passion of the Christ” from Mel Gibson wasn’t holy, just Hollywood).  At first, I read every review and ranted to my husband about them but now, I read them and move on.   I swear sometimes I don’t think the reviewer has even read the book and I think some amateur reviewers just take an unholy delight in trashing someone’s work.

Tell us a little about your latest projects and what books you have coming out next.

I’m working on Book#4 in my Love Covenant series (paranormal romance) for Evernight Publishing.  I have work in three upcoming anthologies, two with a Halloween theme.  I have a Christmas novel, Sing We Now of Christmas and a romantic suspense, Witness Protection Program, coming very soon from Rebel Ink Press, a time travel romance due out from Champagne in November.  In 2012, I already have one from Champagne in May and at least three from Rebel Ink Press (In Love’s Own Time,  Miss Good Samaritan, and Guy’s Angel).

And I plan for there to be more.

What advice do you have for writers to be or those new to the industry?

Never give up and keep writing.  Learn to hone your writing to a fine edge.  Look for markets that fit your work.

Where can we find you?

Blog-  A Page In The Life


Facebook: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

Twitter: @leeannwriter

My hopelessly un-updated website: http://leeannwriter.weebly.co

Boxers or Briefs? 


What celebrity man do you wish you could have but can’t?

Jensen Ackles because my daughter says it would make me a cougar but I wouldn’t care!

A perfect date with Lee at home….would involve red Moscato wine, my husband and engaging in some sex play~

Give me an erotic scene off the top of your head in 5 sentences or less.

With gentle movements, the softest caresses, he touched her everywhere and her took her. 

 He entered her swift and smooth, his cock working between them with the finesse of a master craftsman, the ease of something that fit like a hand to a glove, a shoe fitted to a foot.   He filled her and they became one body, one flesh.   The rightness of that smote her so much that tears leaked from her eyes even as her body responded to his call.  Her body arched upward to meet his, to enfold his into her with all the strength she possessed hands sought him, feeling his skin beneath her fingertips.    When they came, it was together, in tandem and on such a rising powerful tide of physical joy that they both cried out, hoarse and wordless.

The character in one of your books that you identify with?

Catherine from my upcoming “A Patient Heart” out in Feb.

What is one sentence to sum up Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy

A stubborn, tenacious woman who loves hard and plays rough.


Sing We Now of Christmas

Rebel Ink Press December 2, 2011

Contemporary romance/Christmas/mainstream

ISBN# RIP0001093

Word Count: 44, 300

122 pages

$5.99 ebook
Author: Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy



When Jessica Martin met Johnny Devereaux that December, holiday magic filled the air but their love was no enchantment….he was, without doubt the love of her life and by summer, they were happy newlyweds with all their life and holidays ahead.

But when he failed to return home from a fishing trip on the Fourth of July, Jessica’s world is rocked to the foundation and when the authorities tell her that her husband is missing, presumed dead, she refuses to believe it.

As the months and seasons pass, no one else holds out hope but Jessica believes.

She knows he’ll be home for Christmas no matter what.  Her family calls her crazy, Johnny’s family tries to help her find closure but Jessica’s heart refuses to surrender hope.

When Christmas comes, the truth will come out to shock them all.


                “Hey, Johnny,” she said in the huskiest whisper she could summon.  “It’s bedtime.”

                He blinked, still smiling. “Is it?”


                “Then come here, honey,” he said, “let me rock you to sleep.”

                He sat up and then snagged her with his arms.  He cuddled her on his lap and began to kiss her with gusto.  Johnny tasted her with the same eager zeal she thought he would have for a good steak, the perfect hamburger or maybe a fine wine.   Her appetite equaled his and she returned his kisses.   Her arms locked around his neck to hold tight as his hands roamed, caressing her with both ardor and appreciation.

                  When he gathered her up and carried her into the bedroom Jessica thought she would swoon with delight.  She loved it, adored being mastered and loved with such intensity.  He put her on the bed as her senses embraced all the sensual triggers around her, the rich aroma of gardenias, the delightful music that evoked emotion, the candlelit ambiance, and his touch against her skin.  Jessica gloried in it and surrendered.

                Any lingering restraint, old fears from previous relationships that went sour vanished in the total power of Johnny’s lovemaking.   As they fondled and caressed, kissed and touched, Jessica crossed the last boundary to the total certainty that this man was the love of her life, her significant other, forever.

                When they came together like a force of nature, on a grand scale like a cold and warm front intersecting, everything was right.   Their timing brought them home together on a slow, full rush of delight, a pleasure that enveloped and encompassed them both.  In those moments, that eternity that could never last long enough, they became one, united in a way that transcended any words, any laws, any binding.   Nothing could be more full or complete that this and with wonder, with joy, they both knew it well.

                After, as they unwound with sweet lethargy they whispered together, words of love and promises that didn’t have to be spoken to be valid.   By the time that the shadows cast by the candles grew tall on the walls, they knew they would have to move but neither had energy or inclination.


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TY for stopping in Lee Ann

Liked the post! No one in my family reads much, with the exception of my brother, who has every one of my books!

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