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   Good morning everyone! 

What a year it’s been. Being a writer has had its ups and downs but I still wouldn’t trade it for the world. So much has happened in this the first full year of me being an author and more is to come for next year. 

This year I made a goal to have 20 acceptances and 3 of them be sole author books.  Well I did better than that. I had 22 acceptances and 4 sole author books released in 2011. 2 from Michael and 2 from BL.

Next year I have 9 books coming out, 7 of them have a release month only 1 has an actual date. I also plan to do to at least 2 self pubbed books. One for Valentines day and the other at Halloween. Only because I’d like to see how it goes and its another way of people getting to know me. 

I also plan to do more free reads on the blogs as well as on Smashwords too. I don’t have any acceptance goals this year simply because I’d like to concentrate on doing longer works for all the names. Right now, the longest works belong to Michael with 30k plus from Vertigo and almost 50k from True Meaning. Rawiya has a couple in the works that will be upwards of 30 but need edits and BL has one, You Don’t Ask, the first book of her novel series out in February.

I’ve had success with the shorts but in just taking a look at the market, a novel is what fans like more than shorts so I need to adjust. Also hot right now is menage. Rawiya loves doing the MMF and we’ll continue to do that. I also have a couple of hetero stories, one for BL and Rawiya has one on the docket, an emotional read with passion that I hope to do as well.

Seriously the only number goal is have is doing 40k per month. I’ve done that basically every month this year, in Aug I did 80. 😉 Even this month, I’ve did about 37 and I doubt I’ll make 40 by midnight but considering I took almost half the month off that was awesome.

Coming up, i’ve got 2 novellas to do. One for Rawiya, book 3 in the Something New Series and  Michael’s Under the Gun. I also have several works to edit, including True Meaning 2 which I gave my lovely beta a break but will get back on it next week.

So much to do but I’m looking forward to it. I’d like to stay on top of things and become a better writer. That’s the plan. 

Happy new year everyone and if you’re a writer, share your goals for 2012. 

Greeting. Welcome to Rawiya’s.

  Last week I had my brother muse, Michael mandrake on with a post about his music surrounding Vertigo.

Click here to view

Today I have wicked Sis on to talk about her newest story to be accepted through Rebel Ink, Losing My Inhibitions. It’s a hetero with a twist and it has an m/m sequel. Lets learn more!


So, I’m here at Rawiya’s digs to talk about my story, Losing my Inhibitions.

Here is a post about it from my blog.

Anyways, the songs I listened to while writing were a mixture of some Duran Duran, *grin* some Depeche Mode, and even some dance music. No metal for this gal this time around.

One song in particular I love when thinking about my fearless female and my loving male is World in My Eyes by Depeche Mode from the Violator album.

Love this song! It invokes so much sexiness! Whew! Kudos to Depeche Mode for all their great hits but this one stands out big time for me and all my characters.

Good morning.

Another Titillating Tuesday pic and this I believe is really inspiring.

   It looks like lovers who’ve just finished a romantic moment and then had a squabble. They’re looking in opposite directions and the gentleman lying opposite is barely touching his partner.

   What a hot pic! 


  A note, today’s my birthday so please drop in to The Literary Triad on Facebook to ee excerpts from me and my author friends throughout the day. 

  Hope to see you there!

  Good morning!

Merry Xmas Eve. Here’s a little free read that;s actually posted on Every Night Erotica where a lot of my stories are. Click the link above to find one. 

  This is one of my faves and perfect since it’s winter.


Baby Its Cold Outside



“Roger, Roger…I don’t think you should be going in tonight, hun. There is a blizzard coming.”  I said, looking at the weather report.


“Why Shanna, what’s up,” he answered from the bedroom.


“Did you see that there may be five to ten inches falling tonight? I would say that you need to stay home, plus its freezing.”


“Babe, I think I’ll be alright, yeah?”


I frowned at that last response. Roger is so manly, thinking he is above anything. Not only that, I really wanted to spend some time alone. We had spent the majority of our holiday with family and our close friends. Christmas was always crazy since we had to travel to England to see his folks and Chicago to see mine. I really needed my man to keep me warm, money was not all that important.


I called back to him. “Why don’t you just stay home with me? That can’t be so bad, right?


Roger chuckled, leaving out of the bedroom into the living area as I quickly turned off the television. After kissing me, “Not at all, love, but if I don’t go in this evening it may mean issues later on.”


My gaze met my husband’s. “What does that mean?”


Roger took a seat next to me. “Well, my boss is an idiot. He does not take too kindly to excuses.”


“Even ones where it is not safe to drive,” I asked.


“Well, who said that? You saw a weather advisory, big deal. People still have to travel even in the nastiest weather. Love, we are both from places where the temperatures and snowfall are ridiculous. I’ll make it…” He pecked me on the head before going back in the room.


‘Roger does not need to go in tonight…’


I waited on the couch, thinking of another way to get my man to stay here. “I could give a shit if his boss doesn’t like it…BABY…”


“If you insist on going in, I’ll go on and get the car warmed up for ya…”

“That’s nice, but you don’t…”

“No, I insist,” I answered back. I walked fast to the coat rack, putting on my coat while going out. It really was cold outside; the snow was at least four inches. My man was such a trooper, he hated to miss work. Tonight though, he would not get there if I could help it.

After trouncing through a patch of snow, I took the shovel out of the garage. With all my might, I started putting the white stuff in front of the tires. “He can’t go if he can’t move…ughh…” I struggled making sure the car was trapped in. Roger had left the car out the garage so mine could be there. He always said we needed a bigger one, but we have not gotten around to that yet.

After packing the white menace in around the wheels, I opened the vehicle so I could pop the hood. I knew how to disconnect a couple of wires so my man could not get that car started and since mine was a little low on gas, he would not chance taking the long drive.

“Let’s see,” I said to myself, “If I…”

“Shanna…” I was startled by the voice of my hunky husband. “What’cha doin’ babe?”

I turned to him, in shock. “Uh well, I…”

Roger grinned, “Hon, what were you doing to the car? And I could have sworn that I shoveled this car out a bit ago…”

“Um…well, yeah but…” I struggled for words, I had been caught red-handed.

Roger held me close to him, gripping my thighs with his large gloved hands. “Sweetie, were you trying to get me to stay here?”

“Maybe…” I grinned, biting my lip.

He laughed before planting a light peck on my lips. “I love you, you know that? I swear…if you are willing to sabotage my car then I guess I will not worry about my boss…”

I drew up my lips to a smirk. “Good.”

Once he said that, I knew that I had won this one, getting my lover to stay in instead of braving the elements. Our agreement was sealed with a kiss along with some groping that I thoroughly enjoyed.  After he pushed the hood back down, he grabbed me again, enveloping my lips while taking off his gloves.

“I don’t need these…” he dropped the large Thinsulates onto the car. “Do you mind if I get a little frisky with you, baby?”

I smiled, looking into his eyes. “Not at all, lover…”

Roger nodded while pulling down my sweatpants. I was not wearing any long johns or underwear, so the moment that air hit, I felt the chill. He dipped two fingers into my sopping wet pussy.  “This will keep me warm…but, how about inside the car.”

Again, I chuckled before he covered my mouth with his. “Oh baby…”

“Mhmm…you are amazing, Misses Shanna McIntyre. There is nothing I want more than to be stuck at home with you.”


“Yep, let me call Mister Ferry. I’m not gonna make it in because it’s way too cold to be leaving my baby at home.”


 Greetings fans.


*has a seat on the couch* Today, I wanted to speak about a topic I love which is interracial romance. I write them all, M/F, M/M, and ménage but I’ll focus on m/m mostly.


A while back, I did two articles about interracial m/m romances. One appeared on IRM and another one on Sizzling Hot Books. The response on the IRM was greater with many writers chiming in talking about being intimidated to write a multi cultural romance because they’d get the characters wrong.




In the case of m/m and m/f and really any writing for that matter, I don’t believe you can necessarily get it wrong unless you’re doing a non-fiction or historical book where your facts should be correct.


Now by no means am I saying that you should just jump into it blindly. You can do a little research about the characters if you as the writer are of a different race than them but really, can you get it “wrong?”


When I think of people mentioning getting something wrong in this instance, I immediately think of the racial stereotypes. You know them because of the way the media portrays characters on sitcoms or even dramas. This media could also include books that might make their characters a certain way. However, in my estimation, this shouldn’t be the focus of any story, romance or not. It should be the characters and how their story develops throughout.


Since I wrote the blog posts I have found many more m/m IR romances and enjoyed quite a few. I fully intend to read more m/f in the future but for now, I’ll let you know what I’ve figured out while reading a few m/m stories.


In truth, most writers I’ve read didn’t bring any stereotypes into their tales at all unless it was part of the plot. What a welcome surprise too since the couple of books I’d read at first did exactly the opposite. I gathered that they did their stories and made the characters relatable to anyone who read them instead of focusing on the racial differences. This allowed me to enjoy the stories even further and not wince when I came across the style of dress or the way the character talked. All the characters in the books were presented as intelligent and weren’t drawn up from what the writer might have seen on TV or even on the street. Thank goodness! Nothing would be worse for me to read a story that made me cringe.


So in regards to m/m, m/f, or ménage interracial romance the focus should be on the love between them and not the differences in their nationalities. As far as the Triad is concerned, we do exactly that. BL of course has My Lieutenant where the black character is a retired officer in the Navy and talks less slang than his white counterpart. Michael’s first m/m IR romance is contracted through No Boundaries Press called Under the Gun. His character, Malik Day has been discharged under DADT but there is no mention of the differences between him or his potential lover, Camdyn Hardy.


Me? Well my first novella in the Something New on the Menu series, Time to Make the Donuts, my supporting character Andre’ is a smooth talker but doesn’t fit into the stereotypical black man. It’s true it might be easier for me to write from the “black” perspective since I am black but what of other ethnicities? I have a story on the docket with an Asian man as my main character. In this instance, I do intend to find stories about Asian or rather, Korean men just to learn something about the culture not any stereotypes. This won’t be easy but necessary so I can write the tale effectively and true we should do the same just so we give our readers reality but you can’t really get it wrong.


You’re writing about two living, breathing human beings and that, all of us can relate to.


Here is a sample from my upcoming novella, Time to Make the Donuts from Naughty Nights Press due out in February.


PG Excerpt Subject to Change due to Edits


The line inched up a little more and he took a look at his watch. The meeting would be starting in about a half an hour. Good thing the place wasn’t far from the headquarters of DD&G and since he went in the alternate direction of the traffic, he should’ve been able to arrive back at the building in no time flat. Still, Andre really hated to wait on things. Patience wasn’t one of the qualities he possessed.

Another move up closer to the cash register and his light brown eyes caught the sight of a very nice looking individual. Tall, Caucasian man, brown eyes, brownish blondish hair, sort of lanky. He grinned and moistened his lips, taking pleasure in the hunk that stood behind that counter filling the donut case with more products.

“Mhmm,” he smiled and rubbed his black goatee. This man more than held his interest and obviously his hardened muscle down below began to take notice since his trousers had suddenly become very tight. He wished he could stroke himself a little but in front of all these people it would’ve been quite an embarrassment. Andre wanted to talk to the man a little more to see if they played on the same team. They had to right since this place sat smack dab in the middle of Boystown.

Hopefully so and if he did, is he available? Andre had been lonely for quite a while. Going home to an empty apartment didn’t hold the same appeal as it did before.

* * * *

While helping someone else at the register, Christopher’s eyes drifted to the door as it always does when a customer comes in. The moment he did his jaw dropped and he gulped hard. He noticed a hunky, gorgeous specimen, dressed in a suit and tie, obviously on his way to work.

“Fuck.” He muttered under his breath and tried to continue doing his job despite the lovely distraction in line. Christopher fully checked out the hottie with his bald head, goatee, and a smile that could light up a small room. In actuality, he wished he could bring him up closer but he couldn’t justify taking him in front of these people. It would only be a matter of moments till he made it up to the counter anyway.

Trying hard not to stare, he assisted the next lady asking for two glazed donuts and a bagel. He made eye contact with the woman and gave her the bag. When she left, his brown orbs made their way in his direction again, this time, with them exchanging a wicked grin.


Chris couldn’t help himself. The man was just too sexy to stop looking at. Where had this hunk been all his life? His skin, the same color of his famous caramel crèmes; Chris wondered if the hot stranger had the same creamy center. The manager batted his eyes before catching the gaze of the next customer who requested two chocolate donuts along with coffee. Once he gave him what he wanted, Mr. Wonderful made it up to the front. They peered at each other again. Chris listened intently to the alto voice coming from the stranger’s mouth, loving every syllable he spoke. The man sounded like a radio personality when he recited his order.

“Hiya, I’ll have a carton of coffee, two dozen donuts of any variety, a cinnamon bagel and a bottle of juice.”

Chris grinned and began getting all the items the man wanted while Jesse grabbed the coffee.

Wanda took his money before pointing him to stand in front of Chris.

“Wow, that’s quite a tall order for just you isn’t it,” he laughed.

The man smiled and nodded, “Ah you know how it is. Us big men need to make sure we have all the carbs we can get,” he joked. “Naw, they delegated me to make the run for the office.”

“I knew that.” Christopher bagged up the boxes and attempted not to trip over himself.

He tried really hard to keep it professional but the whiff of the man’s cologne made this especially difficult to stay focused. “Why haven’t I seen you in here before?”

“Just hadn’t gotten around to coming here. I’m glad I did though because the boys say your donuts are the best.”

“They are. A lot better than that other place.” Chris licked his lips while he handed him the bag. “Here you go. Is there anything else we can get for you?” He wished he could ask the man on a date.

The customer raised an eyebrow and nodded, “Nope. This is for you though.” He took the package and the carton after slipping a business card across the plexiglas. “Call me.” He made the sign with his hands, backing away from the counter before heading out the door.


Greetings! Welcome to Wind Down Wednesday!

 This would be the first Wind Down post with a guest. *snicker* My brother muse has just handed in edits on his next novella Vertigo, an m/m historic paranormal. It is the long version of his story, Longing for a Normal State of Vertigo in the Sizzler anthology, Riding the Rocket.

  Here he is giving us some more info on the music behind this book.

Hello all.

  I’m Very excited about the next novella, Vertigo to be released in 2012 from Sizzler Intoxications. As Rawiya said, it’s an m/m historical paranormal novella about a scientist, Dr. Hayden Curry who is recovering from a broken heart and throws himself into his work. After being called to Tralfalgar by the Yard, the police direct his attention to a being, half man, half wolf that looks to be dead however, once he takes it back to his home, this corpse comes alive.

  As the story progresses, Dr. Curry tries to find out what David is and gains more appreciation of life and love in the process.

Interesting right? So what music did I listen to while doing this book? Some old classical since its set in the early 20th century England and an album by the progressive metal band Opeth called Blackwater Park. 

  The characters I wrote for, specifically Dr. Hayden Curry who’s model is John Taylor (above) enjoyed the haunting melodies of every song and when writing the surprising ending, the words just flowed onto the page.

  I love when that happens, when the music moves you to write. 

 Here’s one of my favorites off the album called The Drapery Falls and at the bottom is a sample excerpt.


Excerpt PG

Just as I fell asleep, the sound of Berrows calling out to the horses awakened me.

I wiped my mouth with a cloth before stuffing it back in my coat pocket.  Readying myself for what might be a ghastly sight, I took a deep breath as Berrows opened the carriage door.

“Alright, doctor, safe and sound. Should I get the cargo box prepared?”

“Yes Berrows, I feel we might have something odd to take home with us tonight. Hopefully, it won’t be too frightening,” I chuckled and stepped onto the stool to the ground.

Getting out the buggy, I placed my cane onto the seat. Seconds later, I heard steps and then a voice.

“Ah Doctor Curry, I am so glad you could come on such short notice. Never seen anything like it.” Captain Tiddle, the head of the London Police approached me with an outstretched hand. “Inspector Fine is scared to bits. He didn’t even want to touch it.”

Firmly, I shook his gloved palm with my own. “Good evening to you as well, Captain,” I smirked.

Hearing what he had said, I turned my attention to the heavens. Every time the city morgue had something they did not want to bother with, they called me. All because I had made the mistake of announcing to everyone how boredom had set in with regular coroner work. Sometimes I wish I had taken the suggestion of an old friend who said I should go to America to start anew.

Nonetheless, I did not because of my love for Lawrence. I knew he wanted nothing to do with leaving London, so I stayed here for him.

Although I had gained some popularity with some of my latest discoveries, such as my attempt to develop a medicine to stop the aging process, I did not appreciate the second job the department had thrust upon me as inspector of unexplained objects.

 I hobbled away from him and shook my head. “Captain Tiddle, Fine needs to grow thicker skin. What on earth is he an examiner for if he cannot handle…” The putrid stench stopped me from continuing my statement. “What on God’s green earth?” My nose twitched and the hairs tickled my nostrils.

I felt slightly nauseous, the closer I came to the covered body. I grabbed my handkerchief and placed it over my nose and mouth.

The wind blew swifter and it continued to drizzle. That did not deter the crowd held back by constables. They were eager to see what was under the sheet.

“Alright, let’s see what we’ve got here.” Slowly, I uncovered what looked to be a wolf-like man.

With the cloth still on my face, I traced its features with my other hand. The skin felt rough, hard as if it were decaying. As much as I wanted to take off the whole sheet, I decided to leave it on until I returned to my laboratory.

I placed the covering back over it before getting up. The smell was not as strong when I knelt down to it so I put my rag back in my pocket.

“Well Doctor, what do you think? Is it human, is it?”  Captain Tiddle raised an eyebrow.

“Not sure Captain. I will just have to dissect it and see what happens. I have not seen anything like it either, though I have heard of some sightings out in the country.” I paused and tapped my foot against the pavement. “Well, I’ll phone you once I have something to discuss. Berrows!”

Immediately he came with our wooden box ready to take our new project home. Berrows, not intimidated by anything, picked up the body and lowered it into the coffin, shutting it tight.

Tiddle stared, eyes bulged, seemingly amazed at how my driver showed no fear of what lay under the sheet.

“Uh Tiddle, can your men give Berrows a hand to put it on my carriage?” I sipped a little from my flask.

“Oh, of course Doctor, sorry.” Tiddle motioned for four men to help Berrows with the box.

“I shall give you a ring when I find out what this thing is. Good night Captain.” I tipped my hat and walked in the direction of my transportation.

“Night, Doctor.”

I walked out of sight.

Berrows cracked the whip

People separated, giving us room to ride away.

I settled back in my seat, thinking of the thing I had just put on the back of my carriage. What could that be? Seemingly, only things like that were figments of a horror scribe’s imagination.

I took my hat off and tousled my long brown hair. Thankfully, I would get home in time to have Libertina’s dinner waiting on me before it got cold.

“As soon as I have my meal, I’ll have a look at the wolf man.” I closed my eyes.

Since my slumber had been interrupted earlier, I decided to take a small nap. I felt exhausted even from this small trip especially since I stayed up until the wee hours.  

While the buggy continued to move, something caused me to awaken. I opened my eyes searching around, wondering what happened. It felt like a hand touched my back although I remained alone in the carriage.

Once I exhausted all rationale as to what it could have been, I lowered my eyelids again and fell asleep. 


   Welcome to another Titillating Tuesday pic!


  Manlove is featured in this one. The bodies and the men are beautiful. They’re laying on one another in sensuous poses. Hotness. I could think of a lot of things to describe it. 

Also reminder, at Menspirations we have a poll to pick the Sexiest Man to appear on the blog. Please stop over and vote!

 Have a great Tuesday!

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