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Wicked Women Wednesday Cassandre Dayne

Posted on: November 23, 2011


Cassandre Dayne

It’s Wicked Women Wednesday and I was thinking about what to write this week since I am in the middle of writing like four pieces. One is all m/m and about a fallen hero and the measures he takes to rejoin the human race, another is about a highly kinky BDSM club where the upper echelon of society pays big dollars to be involved and still another is about a couple entering into the world of Domestic Discipline. I had to step back and say – this is interesting, I write about so many aspects of alternative lifestyles. I like this fact. I’m not pigeonholed into writing just one thing. Don’t get me wrong, for those who simply write crime or sweet romance or whatever – that’s beautiful and creative and I applaud you but for me…  I need to write it all.

It’s funny in that I did a bit that was sweet recently for my first FFF (Friday Flash Fiction) and I realized it might be the only sweet bit I do. I write gritty and dark and ugly and sexy and kinky and… Well, you get the idea. I also recently answered a sexy little pole on the Naughty Night Press blog, which asked – what alternative lifestyle do you want to read more about? Right now the leading contender out of same sex, transgender, ménage, group sex and BDSM is BDSM. I honestly believe that’s because a lot of it isn’t written that well or either the lifestyle is presented in a rather stilted or vanilla manner.

For those who practice it’s much more. Then again, what do you as a reader want to see? In asking one of my publishers the trends right now (subject to change all the time) are HIGH kink BDSM, sweet romance and cowboy stories – go figure the differences. I recently had a friend release a transgender piece and it’s doing very well and on the flip side I had a friend who decided to give up writing same sex pieces because of all the gay bashing and there are times I set in amazement at how we continue to be a society who hides behind the fact we want to read about kinky things but dear God we don’t want to be associated with them. I’m not sure how that works.

What is wrong with craving either reading something a bit kinky or wanting to experience a sexy event? Can you not tell me that you hunger for a ménage or a spanking or perhaps even long to be a voyeur and watch other couple celebrating their love – in whatever fashion that might be? Hmmm… I know you do.

So probably one of my kinkiest pieces written to date is about a man who’s hiding behind a conservative mask – this goes beyond the fact he’s gay. That’s okay but if his co-workers found out he goes to very kinky clubs engaging in many acts of BDSM then they would probably think he’s nuts. But he hungers to be taken hard and I do mean hard – hence the name Forced Fantasies. And he’s found a man who owns a site much like Fet Life who has parties and invites are rare and very special. The thought is that you ask for a fantasy and the owner selects the best and kinkiest ones to use as an invitation. The only problem is that our hero wants to be forced. Hmmm… Talk about alternative lifestyles.


The next time he opened them and gazed at his watch he was shocked. It was eight minutes before ten. Breaking out into an instant sweat, he jerked to his feet and grabbed the mask from the coffee table as he bolted toward the locked door. Shit! Shit! Shit! Following directions. Fuck! Devlin dropped to his knees and reached for the collar. His hand shaking, he fumbled with the lock and swore. This behavior was not like him at all. Swallowing hard, he hissed as he realized he couldn’t maneuver the lock open. What the fuck was he going to do?

Devlin finally gave up and instead placed the mask over his face. While it wasn’t a complete hood, he could barely see anything out of the slits meant for his eyes. Instantly he sucked in his breath as a wave of nausea and claustrophobia washed over him. He’d never been masked and the sensations were both exciting and horrifying. Counting to ten, he wrangled his heavy breathing as he got used to the feel of the latex. As perspiration dripped down the back of his neck, the mask clung to the dampness of his face, heightening the effect. Whew.

In the quiet of his apartment Devlin swore he heard the front door of the brownstone open and heavy footsteps on the stairs. Swaying forward and backward, he snagged a look at the collar and sighed. He was already disobeying the rules.


The sharp sound outside Devlin’s door forced a single whimper to erupt from his lips. You can do this. Calm down.  He craned his neck to try and see better out of the confining mask but as the sound of his door opening fluttered past him, Devlin could barely make out the huge form that entered through the open door. As he lifted his gaze briefly the one thing he did know was that the man was huge. Shit! Closing his eyes momentarily, his heart thumped in his chest. Devlin dropped his gaze onto the floor in a practiced move. He knew his place.

“Hungry Boy?” the man asked, his dark voice ripe with a dangerous husk.

Instantly stars floated by Devlin’s field of vision and he clenched his fists. “Yes, sir.”

The man stalked further into the apartment, kicking the door shut. He moved in front of Devlin and gazed down the length of him. “I’m the Pain Maker and one of your Masters for the night and I’m here to take you to your destination.”

While the Pain Maker’s voice was ominous, somehow the sensual tone thrilled Devlin. His cock twitched reminding him that he had agreed to ownership at least for one night and excitement surged through him. From his limited perspective, Devlin could see the Pain Maker’s gaze locking on the collar. Cringing, he waited for his punishment.

The Pain Maker reached down and snagged the collar, dangling the thick leather piece out in front of Devlin. “You didn’t follow directions. Interesting.”

Opening his mouth to speak, he thought better of it. Devlin cocked his head and could suddenly see what had to be a bullwhip attached to the hulk’s belt. Instantly a series of tremors snaked down his spine.

Wrapping his fingers around Devlin’s arm, the Pain Maker jerked Devlin to his feet. “You will be punished.”

From the angle Devlin could make out his dark eyes that his behind the half face mask. They were filled with a savage look. This wasn’t playtime. Shivering, he realized his legs were shaking.

His actions almost brutal, the Pain Maker yanked Devlin forward and pushed him hard against a wall. Kicking out Devlin’s legs, he hissed and slid his hand down Devlin’s naked back. “Yes. A good whipping will remind you that you are to follow the rules at all times. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” His voice barely audible, Devlin closed his eyes as the giant patted his ass, pressing a finger down the crack of Devlin’s exposed ass. He heard a rustling sound and knew that the Pain Maker was unfastening the whip. Had he ever been whipped with an implement of this nature? Hell, he couldn’t be sure.

Whoosh! Crack!

As the sharp sound of the leather tip slicing into the hardwood floor bounced off the walls, Devlin jumped. Dear God he realized that he’d put this as an extreme fantasy on the damn questionnaire. What was…? His little voice chuckled darkly and reminded him that he’d fantasized about this for years. This was extreme by most standards in BDSM and few Masters utilized such a method. While he was terrified his shaft ached with need.

The Pain Maker repeated the move as he growled. “Expect more of this if you misbehave.”

     Smack! Crack!

Instantly searing pain thrashed through his system stealing his breath. “Ahhh…” Panting, he clenched his eyes and tried to maintain his position.

Whoosh! Pop! Crack!

The Pain Maker issued a series of hard strikes.

Every part of Devlin’s body on fire, he struggled to remain standing. While anguish wracked his body a level of rapture encapsulated his entire system. Electric jolts danced through his body and for a moment he couldn’t think, as the mask became more suffocating.

Just as quickly as the punishment had begun it ended and the Pain Maker grunted. “You did very well.” Easing Devlin back from the wall, the Pain Maker steadied Devlin before sliding his hand down the length of Devlin’s back. “Now it’s time for the collar. Stand still.”

His body swaying back and forth, Devlin concentrated on calming his breathing and thought about whether any of his neighbors had heard the noises from the intense round of discipline. The thought brought a smile. Tingles continued to pulse down his legs as a strange moment of ecstasy filled his system. He’d been almost desperate for discipline for years.

Grunting, the Pain Maker pushed Devlin’s hair to the side of his neck and slid the collar around, fastening it securely. “You have your paperwork?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Grab it,  it’s time to go.”

Every movement filled with pain, Devlin grabbed the papers off the coffee table. As he leaned down, he heard a click. The moment he stood, he was tugged backward and Devlin knew that a leash had been attached to his collar. Lowering his head, he succumbed and felt truly alive for what had to be the first time in his life.

“One more aspect of your attire that’s needed,” the Pain Maker hissed as he moved in front of Devlin.

As the man pulled out a steel studded cock ring, Devlin licked his lips. The harsh looking piece made him salivate.

The Pain Maker grinned and suckled his lips as he wrapped his hand around the base of Devlin’s cock. Sliding his hand up and down, he lifted his head and gazed into Devlin’s eyes. “It will be a pleasure training you.” He allowed several strokes to get Devlin hard before placing the ring around Devlin’s shaft. The twisted coil surrounded the majority of Devlin’s dick. Securing it tightly, the Pain Maker brushed the tip of his finger across the sensitive slit before slapping Devlin’s cock hard. “You must be completely presentable for the Staff Master.”

Dear God he was getting to meet the owner. Devlin winced as the ring bit into his skin yet the feeling of restraint sent trickles of joy dancing down his spine.

The Pain Maker pushed him forward. “Let’s go.”

As Devlin was led of the door he quickly glanced around the empty hall praying to God no one would see him.

And just imagine how kinky it gets from here. I so hope you’ve enjoyed and think about what fantasies you’re longing to fulfill.

Kisses   xxx





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Sexy as always 🙂 I enjoyed your article and the excerpt.

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